Ensign Elayne Galen

Ensign Elayne Galen is a member of the Flight Operations staff of K7 Space Station. She is the Administrative Assistant to Commander Nianda Lishek and is also the Primary Helmswoman for the USS Bonhomme Richard and the USS Spirit of St. Louis.

Name: Elayne Margorette Galen
Department: CONN

Race: Centauran (1/4 Human thanks to her father)
Place of Birth: Privariasck, Alpha Centauri VII (Proxima Centauri)
Home Planet: Alpha Centauri VII (Proxima Centauri)

Rank: Ensign
Major Area of Study: Flight Systems, Animal Husbandry
Minor Area of Study: Computer Operations, Xeno-Zoology


Age: 22
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 117 lbs
Hair length: mid shoulder when loose
Hair-color: Dark Wavy Blonde
Eye color: Luminescent Light Green
Complexion: Tanned Caucasion and lightly freckled
Physical Description: An inquisitive young woman with an ethereal aura and a constantly serene, yet brooding look about her. she has the typical Centauran featured wide hawkish eyes and a waifish, almost fragile figure. Elayne has one small permanent scar on the rear of her left knee and upper shin from a rock-climbing accident when she was nine. Has a birthmark of a reddish crescent moon shape that goes from under the scalp behind her left ear to just under the lobe. Usually prefers to keep her hair in a pony-tail.


Elayne was born to Natalia Spruling a short five months after the USS Silver Fox disappeared, apparently destroyed with all hands aboard,including her father, Ensign Ryan Galen. Her mother, also a Starfleet officer, raised her on her own for the next three years, even after Ryan was rescued along with a third of his crew mates.

Then in 2367, during the Federation's defensive actions at Wolf 359, Elayne's mother was killed during the disastrous encounter with the Borg. At that point Elayne was sent to her father, and after meeting him, spent the rest of her childhood in his care, with occasional vacations back on Centauri evenly split between both sets of grandparents, or the occasional visit to her paternal Grandfather at Utopia Planetia. Early into her pre-teen years, she began to develop the psionic gifts that her people are known for, in spite of her mixed heritage, at
least at first. It quickly became apparent to her family that her empathic abilities had an odd quirk in that they did not affect humanoids, only animals. This allowed her to calm and even maintain a taming effect even around wild animals, but proved very difficult when dealing with trying to read or send emotions to people. Even attempting it would give Elayne splitting migraines. This worried her father initially, until he realized she able to live with her "dis-ability", and after working with Betazoid counselors and Vulcan crewmen, was able to control her rather "unique" abilities.

In 2382, Elayne was able to gain admittance to Starfleet Academy, an accomplishment that both pleases as well as worries her father and step-mother to no end. Her love for animals was only matched by her love of fast moving vehicles and she always desired herself to be a pilot, be it of one of the Fleet's mighty starships, or a ferry runabout, or even an Andorian built ground speeder. She was able to complete her studies as well as her cadet cruise aboard the USS Beowulf with flying colors, and graduated in the top 10 percent of her class.

She now eagerly awaits her first assignment as a commissioned officer with some excitement tempered with some trepidation.

2364= Born on Alpha Centauri VII
2367=Mother Killed at Wolf 359, father takes guardianship
2371=Psionic Powers begin to develop
2376=Contracts Vulilian Flu, Rare outside of Vulcans and Romulans. Recovers, but alters her Physiology slightly, puts psionics into some remission
2378=Father marries Nancy Lansing
2382=Enters Starfleet Academy
2383=Mustered to Active Duty as Runabout Support Pilot
-Critically injured during Battle of Bajor while evacuating President Lishek
2386=Graduates Starfleet Academy
-Promoted to Ensign
-Assigned to Gateway Command Sector

Notes of Interest

Hobbies: Equestrianism, Rock-climbing, Fencing, Falconry, collecting poetry, writing holo-programs and computer programs, people watching, flying or driving whatever she can get her hands on. Ballet, Terran Baseball (likes playing pitcher)

Personal Traits:
Born with a generally socially graceful, if slightly reserved personality. However, she does frequently exhibit quiet intelligence, willpower and stubbornness, and has inherited her late mother's trademark Centauran temper when she is finally angered, fortunately, that is a very rare occurrence.

Seems to have the same allergic reaction to anything cooked with Ptallaran Spices from Bolarus IX as her father does.

Exhibits more pacifistic tendencies, preferring not to fight if she can help it, but she has been given extensive combat training by both her father and her step-mother, as well as retainers from both of her Centauran Grandmothers as befitting her social class. She is familiar with Boxing, Greco-Roman Wrestling techniques, Akkido, Judo, and Krav Maga training and techniques.

Mother- Lt. jg Natalia Spruling, Xeno-Linguist, Deceased in combat action while
stationed aboard the USS Yamaguchi, Ambassador Class
Father- Capt Ryan Galen, 47, Commanding Officer, USS Kirishima, Akira Class, Living
Step Mother- LCMDR Nancy Lansing-Galen, 44, Chief Security Officer, USS Kirishima,
Akira Class, Living
Brother-Gregory Owen Galen,6, Living
Paternal Grandfather, Admiral Owen Galen Jr. 85, Commanding, Starfleet Corps of Engineers, Earth Sector
Numerous family and relatives

Notes of Interest:

-Has the dubious Callsign of "Entropy" harking back to her Academy Flight Program days.

-Has an artificial Parthogenic Left Lung that she received in 2383 after critical injuries she received during the final days of the Rukakon War.

-While prefers to not have it as common knowledge, is recognized by the Centauran Ascendancy as Duchess of Delta Centauri Proxima, and as the acknowledged Heiress and successor to both the Spruling and Galen dynasties when she comes fully of age at 25 by Centauran law.