Ensign Lewis Preston

Ensign Lewis Preston is a security officer, serving on Outpost 112.

Department : Security/Tactical

Race : Human
Place of Birth : Liverpool, United Kingdom
Home Planet : Earth

Rank: Ensign
Major Area of Study: Security
Minor Area of Study: Tactics


Age: 25
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 145
Hair length: Short
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Mixed

Physical Description: Short and slender, yet well-built and slightly muscular. He has a youthful appearance.



Lewis grew up in Liverpool, England in a wealthy family before joining Starfleet Academy at a young age. An only child, he was glad to get out from under the authority of his parents. Once in Starfleet, he proved to be an excellent student, although he had a few disciplinary issues and was unable to reach his full potential, ranking as an ensign because of his attitude.

After a few small assignments near Earth and the surrounding star systems, he finally was able to be transferred to Outpost 112, where he was assigned the role of a security officer under Thor.

Notes of Interest

Personal Traits: Lewis is cocky and outgoing, brash and a bit of a loud mouth. While these traits get him into trouble, he is fiercely loyal to his commanding officer and to the friends he makes.

Hobbies: Lewis is a bit of a party animal and enjoys spending late nights at the local bar or pub with friends. He likes learning about antique weaponry. He is a crack-shot with old-fashioned weapons and also takes fencing and other antiquated combat methods. He also enjoys tinkering with vehicles of any kind or age.

Father: John Preston
Mother: Lucinda Preston (deceased)