Envoy Maxine Jacques Tori

Maxine Jacques-Tori is the chief Diplomat assigned to Federation Outpost 112, as Federation Liaision in the Gateway Sector.


Department: Diplomatic Corps.
Race: Betazoid
Place of Birth: The Tori Family Estate, The Capitol
Home Planet: Betazed
Age: 39 Terran Years
Height: 5’11
Weight: 165 lbs
Hair length: Varies, currently mid-shoulder length
Hair-color: Varies (naturally dark brown)
Eye color: Hazel
Complexion: Caucasian, very lightly tanned
Physical Description: Busty & slightly curvy, Max has the dark hair and eyes characteristic of most Betazoids. Good-looking and fully aware of it, she is fond of clothing that complements her figure.
Rank: Envoy
Major Area of Study: Advanced Tactical Systems (Theory & Application)
Minor Area of Study: Starship Design Engineering


The daughter of Derge & Lhari Tori of the House Tori, Max has many pleasant and privileged memories of her early years, despite the trauma of being born with her psionic abilities already active. She excelled in in most science and technology-orientated subjects, and spent a few years floating from one lab job to another before finally deciding to apply to Starfleet at the age of 20.

During her time in the fleet she has enjoyed (and sometimes endured) a roller-coaster career, thanks in part to her mentor and close friend Admiral Alexander Dray. She has received several commendations and one demotion, worked on a vast array of projects at the fleet yards and onboard frontline starships, and became involved in the inter-organisational politics between Starfleet Corps of Engineers and Starfleet Intelligence.

She left the fleet mainly to get away from the chains of rank and to see the universe her own way. Signing on with the crew of the civilian freighter SS Paragon, she enjoyed life onboard a non-fleet vessel, and sometimes used her intimate knowledge of Starfleet engineering against starship and stations when the freighter was engaged in more dubious activities. However the occupation of Betazed during the Dominion War made Max realise how being far away from home had its disadvantages, and she left the Paragon to return to her home planet as soon as Betazed was liberated to check on her friends and loved ones.

Max then spent some time managing the Ten Forward lounge onboard the USS Pioneer before the outbreak of the Rukakon War drove her home once more, arriving at Betazed shortly before it was over-run by enemy forces. Deeply involved with the Betazed Resistance throughout the second occupation Max has much blood on her hands, and not all of it is Rukakon.

It was a far darker and more broody Max that emerged from the Second Occupation, and the woman held Starfleet and the Federation accountable for letting her homeworld be over-run again. She was also appalled with the deaths she had caused, the woman turned her back on her engineering past.

Diplomacy was something she never envisaged being a part of, but fate often takes a strange twist. Maxine’s mother was suddenly taken ill while hosting a Canid Delegation, and as the next-most senior female of the house Max had little choice but to step into her mother’s shoes. Her time with the delegation proved so successful the Canids entered into a trade agreement to assist in the re-building of Betazed’s infrastructure, and a renewed Jacques-Tori joined her mother as part of a diplomatic envoy to the Canid Homeworld.

Having served two years as the acting Betazoid Envoy to Proxima Cania, Max has been reassigned to the Gateway Sector by an overburdened Diplomatic Corps.

*Akira Class USS Thunderchild (Cadet Cruise)
*Utopia Planita (ASDB Tactical Research Division)
*Galaxy Class USS Venture (Tactical System Enhancement Specialist)
*Utopia Planita (Tactical Research & Upgrades Team 42 "The Thunderbirds")
*Prometheus Class USS Tiger Eye-B (Tactical Integration Specialist)
*Retained by ASDB: Utopia Planita (Tactical Research & Upgrades Team 42 "The Thunderbirds")
*Prometheus Prototype USS Prometheus (Tactical Enhancement Specialist)
*Charleston Class USS Charleston (Tactical Systems Specialist)
*Charleston Class USS Charleston (Assistant Chief Engineer)
*Charleston Class USS Charleston (Chief Engineering Officer)
*Civilian Freighter SS Paragon (Chief Engineer)
*Insignia Class USS Pioneer (Ten Forward Bar Manager)
*Betazed Resistance Movement (Weapons Engineering Specialist)

  • Canid Sector (Betazoid Diplomatic Legate)

*Gateway Sector (Diplomatic Corps Envoy)

Notes of Interest

Hobbies: Maxine's interests primarily centre around entertainment, the once-great love which she possessed for engineering has waned, and she does little more with this than keep herself up to speed with the latest technologies. She is also a follower of The Wytchfire, a Betazoid spiritual belief system with similarities to the Pagan religions of ancient Earth.
Personal Traits: Like most Betazoids, Max is an incredibly stable individual, having spent her younger years learning to separate her thoughts from those of the people around her. Despite this, she can still be somewhat sensitive regarding Lee Jacques, and the circumstances surrounding his death.
Although many who know her closely would say that her engineering skills and powerful psionics are her strengths, Maxine believes that it was her people skills and contacts network which are more important. Her primary weaknesses are both her temper and her curiousity; when either are sufficiently aroused, the woman pays little attention to things such as safety.
Father: Derge Tori (Chief Psi-Specialist, Valar Institute for Telepathically Gifted Children, Betazed)
Mother: Lhari Tori (Home Territories Ambassador, Betazed Government Diplomatic Services)
Sister (younger): Louise Sorrell (Paediatric Psychiatrist, Starfleet Medical)
Sister (younger): Bekka Tori (Xeno-Botanist, University of Betazed)