Evan James McNamara

A retired Starfleet Officer, Evan James McNamara is the owner and proprietor of Heaven Nightclub and Holosuites, which is located on Forever World in the Gateway Sector.

He is well-known in the sector, and has a reputation of "obtaining things" and "making things happen". A successful businessman, McNamara has garnered the respect of many in the Gateway Sector, including the Cardassians and the Sindareen.


Race : Human
Place of Birth : St. Louis, MO
Home Planet : Earth

Age : 33
Height : 6'1
Weight : 195 lbs
Hair length : Standard/Clean-Cut
Hair-color : Light Brown
Eye color : Brown
Complexion : Caucasian.
Physical Description : Handsome and muscular. Light scar on upper left cheek bone.


Evan James McNamara was born March 15th, 2353 in St. Louis, MO. He is the only child of James and Denise McNamara, both former Starfleet Officers.


As a child, Evan was considered extremely gifted and he excelled academically. His talents were in both mathematics and science. He was extremely knowledgeable in both subjects despite his young age. Although he excelled in academics, he suffered in socialization. Evan was a reserved child and preferred seclusion. He was mentally superior to most children his age, which was a main reason for his social stigma. Evan’s ideal pass time was playing with science kits and testing experiments.

Evan’s advancement in academics made him susceptible to bullying. He was picked on most of his childhood by peers and child relatives. For fear of his safety, Evan’s parents insisted that he take martial arts. He was trained by world renowned Shintaido Master, Akado Totori, who also was a Starfleet Officer and former colleague of James McNamara. Evan also took piano lessons. He increased his knowledge in academics, athletics, and the arts. His father lovingly referred to him as “Renaissance Child”.


Evan continued his pursuit of knowledge, and attended all the best schools. He attended James Kirk High School in St. Louis, MO, a school for the gifted. Evan took special classes and remained at the top of his class. He could have graduated early, but his parents insisted that he remain with people his age. Evan took on other activities besides academics. Having trained with Totori for ten years, Evan had become athletic and had excellent body tone. He gained a love for sports, specifically football and baseball. He played wide receiver and shortstop in JKHS. During his tenure of high school, Evan turned into quite the lady’s man, dating several of the beautiful girls from school. Despite his difficult curriculum and extra curriculars, Evan maintained a 4.0 and graduated 2nd in his class (Class of 2371).

At the age of 18 (2372), Evan went on to Starfleet Academy, where he continued to excel in Science and Mathematics. He was one of ten in the 2372 class to be accepted into the Starfleet Honors Program. Evan’s theories and ideas were spellbinding. His professors were astounded by his scientific knowledge, and his ability to “look outside the box”. Evan focused his talents in the field of Physics, and constructed several scientific theories and hypothesis that quickly became required reading at the Academy.


Evan was quickly considered a specialist in the Physics field. His theories on wormholes, Voids, warp drive, and time travel have been published across the galaxy. Despite his perfect academic record, Evan received a failing grade in Admiral Neilan Loran’s Leadership Tactics class. However, Evan was able to make up the grade with extra credit. He graduated Starfleet Academy in 2374, two years after admittance, a feat only accomplished by 25 officers before him.

A Starfleet Officer for eleven years, Evan served on multiple high level assignments including the USS Enterprise-E and Project Infinite. In 2383, after Project Infinite was deemed a success, Evan retired from Starfleet and relocated to Forever World in the Gateway Sector, where he opened up a now famous establishment, Heaven Nightclub and Holosuites.


It is revealed that Evan was an undercover Intelligence Officer serving in the Gateway Sector, the mandate assigned to him by Admiral David Luc.

Notes of Interest

While serving on the USS Enterprise-E, Evan was severely inured in the Son'a attack on the Enterprise. His face was gashed open by a piece of Enterprise's shrapnel. He was hospitalized and underwent facial reconstruction. The injury left a light scar on the left side of his cheek, which doctors were unable to remove. After the surgery, Evan took a leave of absence, spending recovery time at his home in Missouri.


Evan is best friends with Gateway Sector freedom fighter Marc Sekler and has been known to look-out for him when the situation calls for it.

It is seldom brought up, but Evan is ambidextrous.

Evan McNamara and Doctor Petra Shannon have had an off and on romantic entanglement that never really came to fruition until late 2386, once Petra was returned safely from being kidnapped by the Gateway Resistance. The two began to date exclusively after the unfortunate event.

Hobbies and Traits
Hobbies : Enjoys martial arts (Shintaido Variant & Starfleet Advanced Training), baseball, sailing, reading, and playing piano (especially with the 20th century band Bob Seager and the Silver Bullet band on the Holodeck.)

Personal Traits : Hard worker, studious, stubborn, sarcastic/humorous, cocky, and a womanizer. He's passionate about his work and beliefs, and has a temper. McNamara is a brilliant man but tends to be arrogant. He believes that he can achieve anything and that nothing is out of his reach of obtaining. Although still a supporter of Starfleet, Evan no longer feels obligated to serve in the space military. Now he enjoys the propriety of his new nightclub Heaven.

Father: James McNamara (Deceased)
Mother: Denise McNamara (Deceased)
Uncle: Samual McNamara
Cousins: Nina and Elly McNamara

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