Federation Outpost 112

Federation Outpost 112 serves as base of operations for Starfleet on Forever World. Located on the outskirts of Gateway City, a few kilometers from the Guardian of Forever, the compound serves as a security stronghold and science station (both primarily for the Guardian).

OP112 (as it is often referred) was solely a science observatory when first built but later became a defensive outpost due to its location near the Guardian of Forever. In 2386, OP112 was refitted with the inhanced Starfleet defense shields and weaponry, to better protect the Guardian from corruption.

OP112's sister post, K7 Space Station orbits the planet of Forever World. The USS Spirit of St. Louis and the USS Bonhomme Richard are assigned to the Outpost 112 but remains docked with K7.

Number of officers : 20
Number of enlisted : 180
Number of civilians : 100
Maximum capacity : 300

Hull material : Duranium Walls (Refit Upgrade)
Coverage : 10cm Ablative
Number of decks : 5 (A,B,C,D,E)

Number of launchers : 6
Type of torpedoes : Photon/Quantum/Tricobolt (Upgrade)
Number of torpedoes : 1000

Type of phasers : 15 x Type-XII (Upgrade)
Firing arc : 180 Degrees
Shields : Regenerative Metaphasic shields (Upgrade)


  • Deck A (Operations Center, Situation Room, Observation Lounge, Captain's Ready Room)
  • Deck B (Medbay, Senior Officers Offices, Security/Tactical Department - Armory & Brig)
  • Deck C (Mess Hall, Officers Quarters, Crew Quarters, Guest Quarters, Gym, Rec Room)
  • Deck D (Science Observatory & Lab)
  • Deck E (Engine Room, Transporter Room, Cargo Bay)

Operations Center


The Operations Center located on Deck A and is the nerve-center of OP112. The commanding officer sits in the center of the circular-shaped room, surrounded by the duty stations of their science and communications officers to the left, tactical and the security chief to the right. Operations chief is stationed at the rooms front. All officers face the main viewscreen, which is mounted against the forward bulkhead of the room. To the aft of the Center is the situation room, which serves as an informal briefing room to the senior staff, and the commanding officer's ready room.



Medbay is located on Deck B. In the center of the room is an operating table, while additional beds are located alongside the walls. The sickbay facility also includes a medical laboratory and counseling office. The medbay is in dire need of expansion/upgrades as it is not suited for the increase of injuries sustained in recent months.

Engine Room


Located on Deck E is the engine room. The Core is located at the center of the room.

The Outpost is outfitted with small but servicalbe Jefferies tubes. They are hard, cold, cramped and poorly lit. There are also horizontal tubes which are not very different from the vertical ones. They are circular and narrow and crewmen might have to bend their knees and crouch down at a bent posture while walking inside these specific tubes. A majority of the tube's space is filled with long and thick engineering pipes that go from one end to the other. These tubes are lit from the floor so a person could follow a path.

Notable Stations

400px-ConJob-outpostomega1outside.jpg backbrigbig.jpg
Back View of OP112 Brig
obloungefix.jpg transporterbig.jpg
Observation Lounge Transporter Room