Federation President Azrixxiene Lishek

Azrixxiene Lishek is the current President of the United Federation of Planets. She is currently in her first four-year term, having been elected in early 2383.

Azrixxiene Eleyna Lishek
Race : Betazoid
Place of Birth : Betazed
Home Planet : Betazed

Age : 56
Height : 5’5"
Weight : 122 lbs.


Azrixxiene served for many years as a staffer to the Federation Council, then finally as a member of the council, slowly working her way up the chain of seniority until she served as the senior council member from Betazed. She was present at many of the tumultuous events in recent history—trapped on Earth during the Dominion attack on and occupation of Betazed, she was persuaded from returning to her occupied homeworld at the time only by a personal plea from the President. Later, she was present for the assassination of President Sandov; the attacks on San Fransisco and Paris; and the war with the Rukakon. A staunch patriot and defender of the Federation from threats both internal and external; she is capable of standing against someone one day, then temporarily putting aside that rivalry the next day, if necessary to oppose a greater threat. Following the Rukakon attacks on Earth, she led the Council in rejecting their terms of surrender and delivering the message of that rejection. She was subsequently held as a prisoner of war with other senior officials and military and civilian government personnel; among those she was imprisoned alongside was Captain Daniel Carlin. After she and the others held were later liberated, she was instrumental in efforts to re-establish a working United Federation of Planets Council; following the Rukakon's defeat, she was later elected Federation President in 2383. Her definite convictions and no-nonsense style have led her to be known to many (behind her back) as "The Brass-Balls Betazoid".

Notes of Interest

Azrixxiene was married to a fellow Betazoid, zoologist Amari Lishek; who died during the Dominion occupation of Betazed during resistance operations against the occupying Jem'Hadar troops. She has two children: son Josh is an 18 year old student at the University of Betazed, daughter Commander Nianda Lishek ("Nia"), an exceptionally gifted telepath even by Betazoid standards, is a 29 year old Starfleet fighter pilot and Chief of Flight Ops aboard Station K-7. Azrixxiene enjoys gardening, crystal sculpture, whitewater rafting, and horseback riding.