Gateway Resistance

The Gateway Resistance are politcally independent colonists who reside in the Gateway Sector. Discontent with Sindareen and Cardassians occupation of their home sector, the Resistance takes guerilla military action against both alien races, similar to the Maquis (former organization that opposed the Cardassians).

But unlike the Maquis, the Gateway Resistance seeks assistance from the Federation of Planets, particularly military support. However; due to the volatile situation in the Gateway Sector, the Federation ops for peace with the other two nations, establishing a compromise. The Gateway Sector colonists feel there should be no compromise and want both the Sindareen and Cardassians driven out of the Gateway Sector, thus taking military action in their own hands.

The Federation has taken responsibly for the Gateway Resistance’s actions, and does not condone their behavior. Hoping to prevent war or future deaths, the Federation considers the Resistance an internal security problem and will deal with it accordingly. However, because the Resistance's actions are against the Cardassians and Sindareen, both governments feel they have viable claims to “handle” the Freedom Fighters themselves, using military action against them in necessary, thus creating a Mexican Standoff between the three governments.

Key Members

Marc Sekler
Dyson Fleck
Solan Kendricks

Notes of Interest

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