General Robert Nelson

General Robert Nelson is the Commandant of the Starfleet Marine Corps. General Nelson answers directly to the Starfleet Commander in Chief, Admiral Edward Jellico. General Nelson is human and is a well-decorated veteran of the Dominion, Valkurak, and Rukakon Wars. The General is fierce and forceful in person and in correspondence. He does not tolerate the politics of command and does his best to insulate the Marines under him from the behind-closed-doors style of business that often insinuates Starfleet Command.

Notes of Interest

General Nelson has achieved the highest decorations available to a service member multiple times over and is a living legend amongst his Marines. He is happily married to his wife, Katherine, with whom he has three children, and two grandchildren. His oldest son, Adam, is currently serving as a Captain in the Marine Corps and is attached to the vaunted 3rd Expeditionary Unit as a company commander.

General Nelson's personal aide is Colonel Jacqui Valance. Colonel Valance often speaks with General Nelson's authority and deals with the politics of command for him.