Gronza is a high ranking leader in the Gateway Resistance, third in the chain of command, under Marc Sekler and Dyson Fleck. Gronza is a Chameloid, having the ability to change/morph into other creatures and objects.

Notes of Interest

Gronza's first apperance was in Star Trek: The Infinite as a character from an alternate universe. He was a Lieutenant in Starfleet and served directly under ^Admiral Neilan Loran, who later became the Progenitor Symbiont.

Gronza is burly and strong. He's aggressive when needed, but manages to keep a level head most of the time. However, when seriously provoked or in grave danger, he becomes more primal in nature (a race trait), savagely attacking said provoker/threat.

He is generally grumpy and negative, but not to a point where it interferes in his day-to-day work goals.