Hoplite Class Insertion Shuttle


The Hoplite Class Insertion Shuttle is a dedicated design utilized solely for insertion of special forces teams in hostile territory. The shuttle is designed for efficiency and is highly automated. A number of critical technical advancements were married together to make the Hoplite a highly survivable, stealthy, and effective space transport and aerial insertion ship. The Hoplite is capable of operating in a number of environments, including underwater at depths up to 15,000 feet below the surface.


Length : 9 meters
Beam : 5.6 meters
Draft : 2.4 meters
Hull : Fibro-ceramic mesh-imbedded tritanium
Flight Crew : 1 pilot
Capacity: 6 total

2 Type IX wing-tip phaser emitters
1 Type VII nose-mount pulse cannon

Auto-modulating shields
Sensor-scatter systems (CLASSIFIED)

Warp Drive Type : mM/ARA (Micro Matter/Antimatter Reaction Assembly)
Impulse Drive Type : Standard with afterburner assembly
Auxiliary Propulsion : 2 microfusion thruster assemblies

The Hoplite is the smaller cousin of the Trojan Class Assault Lander. The lander is about the size of a small shuttle and the interior is cramped when filled to capacity with armored and armed troops. The Hoplite is not built for combat and is lightly armed and armored. The small craft's survivability comes from it's ability to slip by unnoticed due to it's low power emissions and the design of it's hull that limits the return all known active sensors can achieve off of it. The Hoplite was designed for covert insertion/extraction missions in mind.