Hubin is an Orion private investigator who lives and works in Gateway City.

Currently works security at The Emerald Queen on Starbase Aeon


Name: Hubin
Race : Orion
Place of Birth : Orion
Home Planet : Orion

Age : 39
Height: 1.81 m (5' 11")
Weight: 104 kg (230 lbs)

Hair: partly bald, thin dark hair, cut close at back and sides
Eyes: dark brown
Complexion: green
Physical Description: Brawny, muscular build typical of Orion males. Distinguishing features are a crooked nose from a break that never healed straight, a latinum and diamond earring and one eyebrow double-pieced with tritanium bars.


Hubin was born and raised on Orion. The second son in a lower middle class family, he joined the Orion Navy, serving in security for close to a decade before taking more lucrative jobs in similar positions on merchant ships.

However when a deal with the Resistance fell through, the ship he was on had to lay-off all non-essential personnel, which included Hubin. Stranded on Gateway, and tired of shipboard life, Hubin initially applied to GCPD, but was rejected (he suspects he was black-balled because of bad blood between the Resistance and his former shipmaster, and/or general distrust of Orions). He then hired out as a bodyguard, and always pro-active with such things, used his experience to investigate and anticipate possible threats to his employers. This eventually lead to more purely investigative work.

In recent years, Hubin has established himself as a private investigator. With the Resistance and several other players active on Gateway, providing information on various people's ties and sympathies has become a growth industry.

Despite his history, Hubin is neutral with regard to the Resistance - he had no love whatsoever for the leaders, but he isn't an enemy. Most of the sympathizers he's dealt with were decent sorts and he'd helped a few set up new identities after that disaster at Kelari. Taking deferred payment (highly unusual for an Orion) had convinced enough of them that he was friend to give him an 'in' with respect to information on what's happening.

Notes of Interest

Personal Traits: Hubin gives the impression of being a tough guy and has the training and experience to back up that impression. However, 'all muscle, no brains' is only a (frequently useful) facade. Careful and methodical, good at deduction, observation, and working contacts, he's well-suited for investigative work.

Privately, he is discontent with being so isolated. Naturally suspicious of outsiders, there are few people he'd consider friends and his social status doesn't put him in a position to socialize with most of the small number of Orions in the city (especially the women). However, he does have a dog.


Notes of interest: A member of Divash's clan and somewhat distant cousin. He knows her mother from Orion but has never been to Ayirn, so Divash had never met him prior to her posting to OP112.

(writer: bookdragon)