Iliaa Haas

Iliaa Aliara Haass, former mayor of Gateway City on Forever World, is the new Vice President of the United Federation of Planets.

Name: Iliaa Aliara Haas
Sex: Female
Race: Elasian
Age: 36
Education: Baccaleureate Degree, Interstellar Marketing & Trade - Talosian Business School; Juris Doctorate - Harvard University at Trill.
Marital Status: Single

Physical Characteristics
Typical of her race, Iliaa stands 6'2" tall. She is an unusual Elasian in the fact that instead of a dark copper color skin, she has what many would consider to be just a light tan. Her hair is light brown and she wears at wavy and long most often. Iliaa is beautiful in human terms, but would be considered average to below average on the Elasian homeworld. She is slender and often mistaken for a human given her stature and size.

Iliaa is a cunning politician and has risen quickly from the local prosecuting attorney to a position with the Gateway City Council and was recently elected mayor of the city. As a public speaker, she is eloquent and gifted with a sharp wit. Iliaa ran on a platform of stamping out the corruption within the Gateway City Police Department and court system. She also ran on a populist platform of establishing the sovereign status of Forever World as separate from both the Cardassian and Sindareen governments. While Iliaa is a Federation citizen by birth, she sentimentally support the Resistance's political goals, but not the military means that Mark Sekler advocates. She is fiery, passionate and efficient in pursuit of her personal goals. Iliaa is not afraid to use her race's sexuality and natural ability to cause attraction in order to garner favors and win supporters to her side of issues.

Iliaa was born on Elasa to a widowed mother. Her father had been killed in a duel with a rival before she was born. Her mother never remarried, which is typical within Elasian society, so she was raised by her mother as an only child. Iliaa was talented in her academic studies and her mother picked up a second job so she could send Iliaa to a prestigious preparatory school on Earth.

Iliaa was a sophomore in secondary school and was valedictorian of her class when she was raped by a fellow student who was two years older than her. Her assailant got off on a plea bargain and began to stalk her when she was a senior. During a second attempted rape, she managed to stab her assailant with the glass from a broken mirror and he ended up dying from his wounds. Iliaa was found to be innocent of any wrongdoing by the grand jury as the act was in self-defense.

Iliaa's classmates ridiculed her and she was forced to transfer to a smaller school on Luna to complete her preparatory schooling. Upon graduation, she enrolled at the Talosian Business School on Talos IV. She excelled again in her academics and graduated in the top 10% of her class.

After she completed her undergraduate studies, she worked for the Venturi Logistics Group as a marketing representative. She disliked the business world as she still felt her calling was elsewhere. She enrolled at the Harvard School of Law on the Trill homeworld and graduated second in her class of 254.

Upon graduation, she was handed a myriad of job offers with prestigious litigation firms, as well as businesses looking for sharp young legal talent. She elected to pursue a public service role and located a backwater borderlands area called Gateway Sector that was in need of a prosecuting attorney. On her initial visit, she fell in love with the planet and the diversity of Gateway City and took the job without hesitation.

Iliaa served as Gateway City's Prosecuting Attorney for five years. Her work was often stymied by ineffective or uncooperative police work. After some personal investigation, she managed to indict and receive a conviction against the city's assistant chief of police, but failed to make an indictment stick against the former chief of police, Gary Robinson (now deceased). At the end of her five year term, she ran for an won a seat on the city council and was elected after a single year in office as the President of the council.

After two years on the council, she leveraged her increased name recognition and the residents' dissatisfaction with the increasingly corrupt police force into a populist campaign against corruption within the police and courts. She also publicly supported Forever World's claim of sovereignty outside of the Cardassian and Sindareen claims of jurisdiction and ownership.

Iliaa was sworn in as mayor shortly after the incident at Nervala II and has publicly scorned Marc Sekler and the Resistance's resort to violence while also publicly supporting their political aims.

Iliaa Haas was the Vice Presidential running mate of late Federation Councilman Akorem Lin. The Akorem/Haas ticket carried the election in a landslide, but Akorem Lin was assassinated shortly thereafter. The Federation Charter was vague as to the Presidential successor in this case. Iliaa and President Lishek brokered a deal to prevent a serious fracture of the Federation Council where Iliaa would serve as President Lishek's Vice President.

Father - Jola'o Kal Haas
Mother - Neiaa Ysya Haas