Imaru Lelleryll Daniri

Crewman First Class Imaru Lelleryll Daniri is a hostage negotiator and tracking specialist with the Leviathan platoon of SEAL Team 2 stationed at Starbase Aeon.

Age: 23
Sex: Shen
Race: Andorian
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 151 lbs.
Languages Spoken: Standard, Graalek
Fleet Rating: Torpedoman Second Class

Tracking, ship-boarding activities, sabotage, hostage rescue.

Physical Characteristics
Imaru is a shen. Her appearances are typically Andorian with deep cobalt blue skin. She wears her completely white hair just longer than the top of her shoulder. While most Andorians have straight hair, a genetic anomaly has given Imaru naturally wavy hair. Characteristically, she has an exceptionally strong skeletal structure and musculature and a high level of endurance. Metabolically, she is typical as well and requires roughly double the calories daily than other humanoids.

Personality Profile
She is both taciturn and passionate. She is notably reserved in manner and speech. She is also a definite stickler for procedure and adherence to rules. The one thing that drives her crazy is indecision. As with most Andorians, she has a quick temper and when she believes she has been wronged, she drops her reserved veneer and springs into action. She is stubborn - refusing to give up easily, nor readily dissuaded from her objectives. This combination makes Imaru a talented negotiator, able to make decisions quickly on the fly, and with a talent for keeping hostage takers and holed up enemies off-balance verbally.

Combat Arts Mastered
Kharakom, Hleshvalath, Aquatic Aikido.