Iori Minase

Iori Minase is a performer at Heaven Nightclub and Holosuites.

Name: Iori Minase

Race: Human
Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan
Home Planet: Earth

Age: 19
Height: 150cm
Weight: 39kg
Hair length: very long
Hair-color: brown
Eye color: brown
Blood Type: AB
Three Size: 77 - 54 -79
Complexion: soft
Physical Description:
Long brown hair drawn back with lovely green eyes….and an angelic face.

Position: Idol Singer
Major Area of Study: - Arts (Drama, Music, Dancing)
Minor Area of Study: - Languages


Iori is the daughter of one of a famous music producer and a very popular model.

Her childhood was not non-typical as such of a typical rich girl. She was raised lovingly as the last child of the family, and the only daughter. She got spoiled quite a bit in many ways, but not in others. While she got mostly whatever she wanted. She rarely got family time, as her parents, and then her brothers often were too busy to spend time with her. What she got was a string of tutors and teachers who taught her academics…and then, when her mother saw potential, various skills of show business.

Iori realised quite early on she was cute, and felt it was her right to use it. As she grew, she figured 'feelings' were something that were invented. Recieving little family attention in person, the loneliness turned her heart to stone, and young Minase learned to see all people as servants to do her job. Her family being very rich, made her a bit spoiled and she wasn't shy to show it. She also didn't suffer fools gladly.

However, the turning point in her life was when she joined an Idol Production house for young female singing idols. From the first day, she learned - noone gave a damn about her background. One of the producers, Ritsuko, reported scolded and punished the young girl on the first day, causing her to go into hystical tears.

As a beginning idol, Iori was very polite and sweet towards people she didn't know or really care about, especially towards her fans, but to other idols, she had a very sharp tongue and a short temper. Because of this, Iori became known as "The little-devil idol". She looked like an angel but acted like a demon.

Then she met Tatatsuki Yayoi. Yayoi was a young upcoming idol. She was very energetic, optimistic, and hyperactive at all times. Her strong will and optimistic traits were perfect for being an idol, though she frequently spoke too loud. She alsp also not the smartest of girls, hence the reason why she has low grades in school. Ironically, she got her start by doing cleaning in the 765 Production building. Her family consisted of herself, her father and mother, and her four siblings. Being the oldest of the five children, she had to look out for her brothers and sisters. Yayoi's father had a very unstable occupational status, hence her family was quite poor, lending to Yayoi wearing plain or baggy clothing to work.

What made this poor girl and a rich debutante type like Iori to fall in love, no one knows, but they did. Right off, the two communicated on some level that noone could make sense of. This was beneficial to both girls, but particularly Iori…who soon changed mroe and more. She let herself open up to the other idols…and soon became a trusted sister to all the idols along with Yayoi. Iori soon proved that there was a very soft side of her which she did not like to show because of embarrassment. When she did something nice, she tried to hide it or push it off, making the others love her much more.

After these changes, and perhaps due to it, Producer Ritsuko created a new idol trio team, called Ryuuguu Kumachi, consisting of who she felt to be the top of production house, Azusa Miura, Futami Ami and her own special project, Iori Minase. Their success was almost like wildfire. Over night, the three girls won hearts all over Asia.

As they got bigger, the other girls began to develop their careers too… Iori saw that Yayoi would soon go her own way, and fearing the worst, she took all the money she could get, and bought Yayoi a beautiful engagement ring. After a huge concert, she proposed. Yayoi cried a little and then kissed her. She accepted - on the condition Iori wait a few years until they had 'reached their true potential'. Basically, she felt they had to do their utmost to gain maximum success, and then she would become Iori's wife.

Iori determined to become the best, and it looked like Ryuguu would take her there. That was until her friend Azusa fell in love herself. Spurred on by Iori's bold decision to get engaged, she proposed to another producer herself…and they decided to marry. As Happy as Ami and Iori were for her, it meant the end of Ryuuguu Komachi as a trio. Ami and Iori decided to let it close and promised eachother as well to do their bests to be number one in their own way. Ami decided to hit Europe…and Iori, never to be outdone, chose the stars.

She has now gone off planet with the hopes of becoming a singing sensation among the starships..and win the hearts of crowds there. And to someday bring her fiance' to live and sing with her there.

2356 - Takashi Minase, famed Producer, and Shizuka Hisagawa , top model, marry.

2357 - 2363 - The Minase family have four sons, all of which will one day become business moguls like their father.

2367 - Iori Minase, the final child of the Minase family, is born

2372 - Iori wins "Darling of Tokyo '72" Award.
- Iori begins dancing, singing and acting lessons

2373 - Iori's private tuition stretches to include several languages, including German, French, English and Chinese.

2377 - Iori begins to win junior singing and dancing awards.

2381 - Iori begins work as a serious pop idol.
Iori meets Tatatsuki Yayoi, another idol singer from the wrong side of the tracks. Iori was quoted as saying. "The day I met her…I knew my heart could never belong to another."

2384 - Iori becomes part of a trio of pop singers called "Ryuuguu Komachi". It is an instant success

2385 - Ryuuguu Komachi is voted #1 in Asia.
- Iori Minase proposes to Yayoi, but is asked to wait until they are bother a little older.

2386 - One of Ryuuguu Komachi, Azusa, retires to marry, and Iori and her other partner, Ami, part on amicable terms to continue success in their own way.
- Iori takes up the challenge to bring her act to the stars.

Notes of Interest

Hobbies: Traveling Abroad, Shopping, singing, spending time with yayoi.

Personal Traits: Simple to say…Tsundere. On stage, she's a shy, calm, cute and tender angel. Off stage, she comes off as bossy and holier than thou stuck up rich girl. However, people getting close to her will find she's a very caring loyal girl, who's afraid to admit how lonely she is at times. As one fellow idol singer once said of her. "Iori is a girl who wants to be the wicked witch…but is secretly Snow White at heart."

Father - Takashi Minase
Mother - Shizuka Hisagawa Minase
Brothers - (in order of age), Shinichi, Nigata, Sanin, Yousouro
Fiance' - Yayoi Tatatsuki