Lieutenant Commander John Wallace

Lieutenant Commander John Wallace is the Assistant Chief Starfleet Intelligence Liaison to Outpost 112, Gateway Sector.

Race : Human
Place of Birth : Montana, Earth
Home Planet : Earth

Age : 47 - Physical / 350 Chronological
Height : 6'1"
Weight : 232 lbs.
Hair Length : Short
Hair Color : Auburn
Eye Color : Blue/grey
Complexion : Light

Physical Description : Large of frame, athletic, muscular without being overly bulky. He moves with an efficient grace and dexterity despite his size. Despite being in his mid-40s, Wallace appears younger, easily being mistaken for his early 30s. Only his eyes hint at his age. He has several scars from projectiles, schrapnel and edged weapons on his limbs and torso, along with a tattoo on his left shoulder of a dagger and crossed arrows with a ribbon that reads "De Oppresso Liber".


Wallace was born in rural Montana in the early winter of 2045. His family was poor, and he grew up hunting to put meat on the table. Ammunition was expensive, so he learned to make every shot count, as well as the techniques of camouflage and stalking to get as close as possible to game before taking a shot.

As soon as he graduated high school, he joined the US Army, progressing from 1st Infantry Division (where his marksmanship earned him a trip to Sniper School), to the 75th Ranger regiment and eventually to the 5th Special Forces Group as a weapons sergeant. He discovered a facility with language, learning French, Arabic, Pashtun, and Farsi as well as several local dialects of each. His unit, tasked with interdicting unauthorized nuclear material, was engaged in a covert mission during a war with Iran in the late 21st Century when they were exposed to a biological weapon. Along with his spotter, Bill Lockridge, Wallace was placed into cryogenic stasis with the intent that they would be used as test subjects for treating the virus that was by that time ravaging the region. For unknown reasons, the facility was abandoned, with Wallace and Lockridge still frozen.

After the facility was discovered during an archeological mission in 2370, Wallace and Lockridge found themselves adrift in a world that bore little resemblance to the one they had left. Lockridge decided to pursue private endeavors, but Wallace sought comfort in the modern military. He fought in one of the last engagements of the Dominion war during his senior cadet cruise, earning commendations for valor in a particularly brutal infantry engagement by sniping the enemy Vorta from a nearby ridgeline and then calling in orbital bombardment on the confused Jem'Hadar.

After being assigned to the USS Destiny, Wallace steadily rose through the ranks of the Tactical department. After being unsuccessfully court-martialed for his actions retaking the Destiny from a boarding party of Romulans, he managed to continue his advancement, eventually assuming command of the department as Chief Tactical Officer when his previous commander was promoted to executive officer. He soon chafed at being stuck behind a desk, feeling like he had become an administrator rather than a warrior. He kept his hand in the game by training with the ship's Marine detachment in his off time. When the ship's captain retired, the new commander had Wallace transferred to the USS Krinkov, where he joined the Intelligence section. There his talents were appreciated as he organized and led several guerilla bands during the Valkurak and Rukakon conflicts. He learned to speak passable Romulan and Cardassian during this period, with smatterings of both Vulcan and Klingon as well.

Despite spending 16 years in the current time, Wallace still hasn't fully adjusted, especially with regards to social norms and modern views on ethics. He still grieves for Kate, his wife from the 21st Century. He’s known to become particularly morose on the anniversary of their marriage, and on her birthday. Never a particularly gregarious person, Wallace has become ever more withdrawn as he fails to fully acclimate to the culture in which he finds himself. He is a stranger in a strange land, capable of blending in when necessary but never quite feeling at home.

Notes of Interest

Wallace's hobbies include primitive weaponry, firearms, military history, intellectual games, Scotch whiskey, and physical fitness.

Taciturn and dour, he rarely laughs anymore. He is realistic and almost brutally honest, and has no desire for further career advancement. He doesn't make friends easily, but is loyal to a fault when he does. Tends to look for the direct solution to most problems, but understands subtlety when it's necessary or prudent.

He carries his old 1911 .45 automatic in lieu of a phaser pistol, and never goes unarmed unless forced.


Wife : Katherine “Kate” Wallace - Deceased
Father : Elias Wallace - Deceased
Mother : Victoria Wallace - Deceased