Keren is the alias by which Commander Kalahaiea t'Leiya is known by during her time undercover on Romulus.

Race : Romulan
Place of Birth : Artaleirh, Romulan Star Empire

Age : 30
Height : 5’2”
Weight : 127 lbs.

Keren is the daughter of a merchant, Ethara, and a doctor, Zharik on the Romulan colony world of Artaleirh. She is an extremely distant member of a minor noble house; the sort of association one has after generations of being descended from the younger daughters or younger sons of a family, where one gets up and goes to work every day like any other middle-class Romulan, the only signs of or inheritance associated with her "title" the right to append honorifics before her name and certain ceremonial and political rights. Her head of house would probably not know her or of her, or even her immediate ancestors, if they encountered one another; as one rarely knows all of ones most distant cousins many times removed.

An only child, she is touring the homeworld for the first time as a gift from her parents before she begins her training as an officer and her term of military service.