Petty Officer First Class Nastiya Kurilenko is a sniper and intrusion expert with the Leviathan platoon of SEAL Team 2 stationed at Starbase Aeon.

Age : 30
Sex : Female
Race : Human
Height : 5'10"
Weight : 140 lbs.
Languages Spoken : Russian, Standard, Romulan, Cardassian
Fleet Rating : Yeoman First Class

Infiltration, espionage, assassination, long-range fire support, tracking, and sniper/counter-sniper operations.

Physical Characteristics
Physically attractive to an above-average level. She blends in by seemingly being the most attractive person in a room. She is a talented gymnast, martial artist, and climber, often being able to scale most surfaces without requiring safety equipment and with ease.

**Personality Profile*
"Coldly detached" as her trainers have indicated in their reviews of her performance. She can approach Vulcan-like matter-of-factness when dealing with death and combat, which make her an extremely effective sniper. Those that have served with her always remark on her lack of sensitivity and empathy, but compliment her on her skill and quiet determination. Cool under pressure and seemingly always in control of a situation. Without the discipline instilled by special forces training, these traits would be a dangerous combination and will require close monitoring by her commanding officers. She is difficult to befriend and distrusts most men due to her history prior to joining Starfleet.

Combat Arts Mastered
Sambo, Krav Saga, Muay Thai, Kormorek (Romulan fighting art), Aquatic Aikido.