Kyna Yates

Name: Kyna Yates
Department: Gateway Resistance

Race: Oryon (pronounced "Ori-on")
Place of Birth: Jaysen Falls
Home Planet: Ory (pronounced "Oh-ry")

Age: 29
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 110lbs
Hair length: Long
Hair-color: Brown
Eye color: Dark Blue, with a crystal-white glimmer
Complexion: Caucasian
Physical Description: Kyna is short with a small but athletic build and a sweet, all-American girl appearance.

Rank: N/A
Major Area of Study: Advanced Mental Development, Behavior & Application
Minor Area of Study: Intercultural/Interplanetary Studies


In 2357 Kyna, along with several others from Ory were sent to Earth as infants upon the brutal Sindareen attack and destruction of their home planet.
Living on Earth was perfectly normal for Kyna. She had a great family, a stable group of friends and lived in a wonderful community that was protected by the Federation. She had everything a girl could ask for, but there was still a burning desire to be accepted.

Although she had a somewhat "perfect" life, there were things that Kyna had discovered that set her apart from others. For one she had dark blue eyes with a crystal glimmer, something that she found to be very unique and natural, only to himself and her fellow Oryon companions. There was also her heightened sense of awareness about his surroundings, especially the people whom she associated with. As with any young girl Kyna began to ask her patents questions about her life.

Kyna's foster parents didn't hold anything back and told her the truth about her life and everything that happened to her home planet and birth parents. Kyna almost didn't know what to do and became a very quiet and self-kept girl from that point on. During this time of angst in her adolescent years that was when Kyna discovered her unique ability of Advanced Telepathy, as well as a young Oryan-companion named Aron, who also had a unique ability.
Kyna instantly felt drawn to Aron and two wasted no time getting to know each other and very quickly fell in love.

Over time Kyna's foster parents revealed more details of her origins to her as well as her burgeoning abilities.

Upon discovering her past, as well as her capabilities, Kyna decided to take up studies in Advanced Mental Development, Behavior & Application as well as Intercultural/Interplanetary Studies. She soon discovered that Aron had taken a similar route and the two started their journey together to discover who they are and find those who murdered their family and friends from their home world.

Now ten years later, Kyna has mastered her abilities and learnt how to live as a normal person, despite the fact that she is an alien. Along with Aron, who is now her fiancé, she has also taken up a position at his university as a research facilitator in the Institute of Advanced Psyonics, where she can not only put her training to work, but also her telepathy to help others.

And even though Kyna has an amazing life with the manage loves so dearly, the search and the fight of her people continues to fill her thoughts and motives. And she will stop at nothing until redemption is found for not only her and Aron, but any other Oryons that currently exist.
Timeline: 2386

Notes of Interest

Hobbies: General research, shopping, hanging out with Aron & their families, working on her ability

Personal Traits: Loyal, loving, free-spirit, caring, quiet, impulsive, courageous (when she needs to be).

Foster Father - Peter Yates
Foster Mother - Carol Yates
Fiancé - Aron Kaizak