Len Nala

Name: Len Nala
Race: Bajoran - Bajorans
Home Planet: Bajor

Age: 27
Height: 5’4
Weight: 157
Hair length: Shoulder length
Hair-color: Reddish Brown
Eye color: Green
Complexion: Fair

Physical Description: On the short side yet well proportioned. Hair is shoulder length and straight. She wears mostly earthtones and large boots-to give her a little extra height. She also wears a large chained earring as is customary with Bajorans.

Job-Though while in Starfleet she was a maintenance engineer (fixing equipment when broken such as Panel displays/tricorders/etc.) Since leaving she has become Raimes medical ‘assistant‘. Learning under his guidance-even though shes not exactly suited for it. Not much of a bedside manner.


In her teens, she left Bajor for Starfleet Academy where she received fairly good marks, but nothing outstanding. Not long after graduating she began working on the same ship as Doctor Marston Raimes. The pair bonded over games of tennis played in the holodeck w/ Raimes teaching Nala the sport.

She approached Raimes about helping some older contacts of hers on Forever World. When Marston Raimes was put out of Starfleet due to his involvement: Len Nala resigned in protest and followed him to Forever World

Len Klad (father-died when Nala was 11)
Len Yua (mother)

Personal Traits: Quick witted. She has a very ‘You’ve GOT to be kidding me!”-type sense of humor. Has a loud/slightly obnoxious “HA!” type laugh that can be heard from tables away. Doesn’t shy away from violence in a scrape. has a fairly good aim. Has a ‘school girl crush’ on Raimes.