Lieutenant Darid Kai

Lieutenant Darid Kai is the Chief Communications Officer, serving on Federation Outpost 112.

Of all the officers and crew serving at Outpost 112, Lieutenant Kai seems to have the greatest connection with the Guardian of Forever.


Rank: Lieutenant, (O-3)
Department: Records/Communications

Major Area of Study: Federation History
Minor Area of Study: Xeno-Psychology

Race: Human
Place of Birth: Cochrane City
Home Planet: Alpha Centauri IV

Age: 57
Height: 68"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Hair length: Medium
Hair-color: Light brown, greying
Eye color: grey
Complexion: fair
Physical Description: Average height and build, pale complexion like most human colony descendants.  Avid runner keeps him in fair shape, but not the first person you would call on in a scrape up.



Dr. Darid Kai was a historian and sociologist teaching on Alpha Centauri and publishing for the Federation historical archive when the Dominion War began in 2373.  Having spent his life with his "nose firmly pressed to a read-screen" Dr. Kai decided to apply to Starfleet, having been an advisor to various members of the Admiralty.  Given the needs of war, and his existing degree, Kai was directly commissioned to Ensign and served as a communications officer, and later Executive Officer on the U.S.S. Martin Ferguson. Following the War, then Lieutenant Kai returned to Alpha Centauri and teaching, until recruited in 2386 to serve in the Gateway sector providing historical insight.

2363: Kai finishes his Doctorate and begins teaching at Cochrane City University's Federation Sociological department.
2368: Kai begins providing historical input to the Federation Council
and Memory Alpha.
2371: Kai provides sociological advice to Starfleet regarding The Dominion.
2372: Dr. Kai personally advises Admiral Jellico regarding the Thallonian Empire.
2373: Dominion War begins; Kai enters Starfleet.
2375: Dominion War ends.
2377: Kai leaves Starfleet as a Lieutenant; returns to Alpha Centauri.
2379: Advises Admiralty following the Gateways incidents.
2386: Recruited by Admiral Jellico to serve on Starfleet Outpost 112. Initially unsure, but Jellico threatens a little known and seldom used reserve activation clause. Kai relents, and doesn't regret a moment.

Notes of Interest

Hobbies:  Avid runner, historian, sociologist.  Practices neo-Taoism

Personal Traits: Talks very quickly when excited, then becomes very quiet while processing information.  Truly loves space travel, and secretly very pleased to have been asked back into Starfleet.

Family: Two former wives, each from five year contracts; friendly with both, but not currently romantically involved.  Twenty year old daughter currently at the Academy on Earth