Lieutenant Erica Reed

Lieutenant Erica Reed serves as the Chief Operations Officer of Starbase Aeon.

Department: Engineering
Race: Human
Place of Birth: London
Home Planet: Earth

Age: 26
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair length: Chin-length bob
Hair-color: Blonde
Eye color: Green eyes, wears black glasses
Complexion: Pale skin, fine features.

Physical Description: Erica is a short, slender blonde with a heart-shaped face and fine features. She has small scars on her hands from various engineering mishaps.

Rank: Lieutenant
Major Area of Study: Computer Science/Software Engineering
Minor Area of Study: Physics


Erica's family has been affiliated with Starfleet for as long as anyone can remember. She entered Starfleet Academy at age 18, graduating in four years at the top of her class. Erica showed an aptitude for analyzing the engineering of societies outside the Federation, and developed skills as a cryptanalyst. Section 31 tried to recruit her, but she turned them down. Ever since then, she has had a deep distrust of intelligence work. Erica's most recent post was as an engineer on the USS Serenity. While aboard the Serenity, she constructed the Rosetta armature, a miniaturized unit that clips onto the edge of her glasses, reads alien text, translates it, and projects a translation onto one of the lenses of her glasses.

Hobbies and Personal Traits

Hobbies: Erica greatly enjoys engineering and tinkering. She enjoys programming. Outside of her technological interests, she enjoys playing violin and reading. She also wanted to be a ballerina when she was little.

Personal Traits:

Erica is a very sweet person who believes the best of others. This sometimes manifests itself as naiveté. She is devoted to the pursuit of knowledge and an immensely curious person. Erica is not innately ambitious, and has never wanted to command a starship. She deeply distrusts Section 31. Erica is not a fighter, having tried to talk her way out of a no-win scenario in the Kobayashi Maru and barely passed the required hand-to-hand course. She is the kind of person who would knock out an enemy by accident, then apologize and ask if they were okay. She is socially awkward and has a pronounced tendency to ramble when nervous and/or faced with an unfamiliar situation.

Family: Father: Jonathan Reed

Mother: Helen Reed