Lieutenant Ethan White

Lieutenant Ethan White is a pilot for the 77th Gamblers.


Name : Ethan James White
Call Sign : Wave
Rank : Lieutenant
Department : Flight – 77th Gamblers Squadron
Major Area : Flight
Minor Area : Helm/Electronic Warfare

Race : Human
Birth Place : Townsville, Queensland, Australia
Gender : Male
Complexion : White
Age : 26
Height : 6' (1.83 m)
Weight : 185 lbs (84 kg)
Hair Length/Color : Blond, medium length
Eye Color : Grey
Languages Spoken : Standard, Romulan, Vulcan

White was born into a wealthy family and was surfing almost as soon as he could walk. Despite the hazards of the Great Barrier Reef, Ethan was completely at home in the water and on the beach – neither sharks nor box jellyfish nor snakes nor crocs held any terrors for him. All that mattered was the waves. During long nights on the beach or while waiting for the surf to build, he began reading philosophy and became interested in electronics – another form of waves.

When he turned 17, he decided that Starfleet provided an excellent chance to find exotic new surf locales as well as learning more about electronics. His entrance testing at the Academy directed him into the position of helmsman and the study of electronic warfare was provided in a secondary role. After graduating, he spent a year at the helm of the USS Formidable. Deciding that flying the Sovereign-Class starship felt like flying a barge and that it definitely lacked in excitement, he managed to wrangle a change of class to fighter pilot. His natural sense of balance and position lent themselves well to flying fighters, but his lack of aggression was a handicap. Which is when his instructor came up with the idea of training him as a 'Wild Weasel' pilot. For White, flying is as close to surfing as he can get in Starfleet.

White's calmness and mellow sense of being worked well when it came to flying into the teeth of enemy defenses and waiting until the last possible moment to utilize countermeasures or in flying surveillance flights.

Working with his crew chief, a true electronics genius, the two have managed to re-purpose, re-build, and acquire enough gear to give the Gamblers an integral – if unusual – Wild Weasel capability. Not quite the match of a dedicated EW Bird, the Crescent-E 'Sheila' is still an effective EW platform.

Notes of Interest
White is, before all else, a surfer and is a very laid-back cat. Despite his passion for surfing and being an active body-builder, he is something of a philosopher and enjoys reading, poetry, and cares for a 300 year old Tasmanian cider gum bonsai tree (Tree-San) that has been in his family for generations. Not specifically a ladies man, his looks and build have resulted in him never lacking for female companionship.

He has worked with the crew chief on his Crescent Mk V -E fighter for the past 3 years. 30 year-old Petty Officer 2nd Class Raymond Cochise. PO2 Cochise is an electronics wizard as well as being a maintenance tech and has helped White turn his bird into a Wild Weasel. White considers Cochise to be a friend although the two often seem to have an adversarial relationship to outsiders.

White is half owner of an Orion freight-hauler named Cat Dancing (formerly Marrat) with another pilot from the Gamblers, M'rrana, owning the other half. The frieighter is currently in a parking orbit around Starbase Aeon.

Mother : Amy White (46 - Physicist)
Father : Thomas White (50 - Writer)
Sister : Mindy White (20 – Professional surfer, model, actress)
Brother : Roger White (23 – Oceanographer/Marine Biologist)

Personality Traits
Very laid back, mellow, and un-excitable. Able to produce complete concentration on the task at hand while enjoying the ride, and the rush.
Hobbies: Surfing, body-building, rugby, electronics, poetry, philosophy, bonsai.

He has a silk hitsuzendo print hanging above the bonsai with the Dosadi word Ganit (valor) on it, a gift from another Soldier.