Lieutenant Jg B Etka Harris

Lieutenant (JG) B'etka Harris is the Assistant Chief Science Officer of Starbase Aeon.

Name: B'etka Harris
Department: Science

Race: Human-Klingon Hybrid
Gender: Female
Complexion: Mocha
Age: 29
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair Length/Color: Waist length/Dark brown
Eye Color: Hazel

Home Planet: Mars (Mars Colony)

Major Area: Science - Exobiology
Minor Area: Medicine


Pre-Academy Years
She spent the first five years of life with both her parents. Her father (Klingon) was killed by a fellow Klingon who disagreed with his life with humans. After that, her mother then took a job where they jumped from planet to planet. She feared for her daughters life.

She had a severe lung infection as a baby, thanks to her third lung (a side effect of being Klingon) she was able to get through it and grow strong.

When B'etka turned 18 she attended Berkley where she studied Exobiology and biology, then she applied to the Academy.

Academy Information
She graduated high in her class at the Academy, though she had few friends and few extra-curricular activities.

Notes of Interest

Personal Traits
She is friendly but guarded. B'etka throws herself into her work with genuine enthusiasm.

She longs to know more about her Klingon heritage, but her mothers concern has always kept her from exploring too far.

She speaks some Klingon. Excellent exobiologist. Studied hand held weapons, like the tradition Klingon Batleth. Has a talent for drawing and painting. Exercise, mythology holoprograms.

Father - H'rtha (Klingon)
Mother - Beth Harris (human)