Lieutenant (JG) Pacey Shaw

Lieutenant (JG) Pacey Benjamin Shaw is a pilot in the Gamblers Squadron, assigned to K7 Space Station.


Name: Pacey Benjamin Shaw
Call Sign: Gator

Race: Human
Birth Place: Sacramento, CA

Rank: Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
Department: K7 Space Station, Gamblers Squadron

Age: 34
Hair: Black (Unkempt)
Eyes: Green
Height: 5’8
Weight: 185 lbs

Physical Description: Scruffy, scraggly beard. Shorter than most humans, but solid build, broad shoulders. Generally unkempt.

Personal Traits: Shaw is a scraper, never backing down from a fight. He’s cocky and arrogent, always speaks his mind, and has a tendancy to run his mouth. He’s loyal to a fault though, specifically to the Gamblers Squadron. He typically keeps to himself, not one to make a lot of friends, but has been known to enjoy the night life - drinking and often times, getting into trouble.


Shaw was born into a life of difficulty and sadness. His father was an alcoholic and his mother died at giving birth. His father raised him under harsh conditions, and was known for beating his son. At the age of 17, Shaw beat up his father and ran away from home. Shaw lived on the streets for about a year, turning to drugs and alcohol. He was forced to steal for money, and had several run-ins with the local authorities.

After beating up an older woman for her purse, Shaw realized that his life had turned down a terrible path. He had become the one person he hated … his father. Soon after, Shaw placed himself in a rehabiliation center for young men. He got sober, and leveled out his behavior, although he continued to fight every now and then.

Shaw joined Starfleet Academy, later on in life, at the age of 27, but excelled as a pilot. He had keen eyes and quick reflexes, making him one of the best of the best. He fought in the Dominion, Valkurak, and Rukakon Wars, and earned several commedations for his service as a pilot.

After the Rukakon War, he was assigned to the Gamblers Squadron at K7 Space Station.

Notes of Interest

Hobbies: Pool, darts, and boxing.

He has issues with alcohol and fighting.

Refers to most people as Pal'y, a habit he picked up at the Academy.

He hates his first name, thinking it sounds "sissy". He has even gotten into fights over his name. He prefers Pace over Pacey.

Father – Davis Shaw (Deceased)
Mother – Lilian Shaw (Deceased)