Lieutenant (JG) Riyal De'Arth

Lieutenant (j.g.) Riyal De'Arth is the SEALS Operations Officer assigned to the Gateway Sector and Outpost 112, and is a part of the Resistance Task Force. He is the Executive Officer of Starfleet SEALs Team 2, Bulldog Platoon

Name: (Sir) Riyal Demetri De'Arth
Department: Security/SEALs

Rank: Lieutenant (J.G)
Major Area of Study: Tactical Operations, Business Administration
Minor Area of Study: Counter-Terrorism and Insurgency Procedures, Xeno-Paleontogy

Race: Human (variant)
Place of Birth: Shi'Kahr, Vulcan
Home Planet: Vespus II


Age: 25
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 198lbs
Hair length: Shaved
Hair-color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Complexion: Dark Brown African
Physical Description: A well built, dark complected man with a clean shaven face and head, and gray-brown eyes that seems to sparkle with inner mirth. He has the build of a swimmer or martial artist, and tends to carry himself lightly on his feet.


De'Arth is a man out to prove he has what it takes not to be shackled by family name or by tradition. He joined Starfleet and the SEALs SpecOpsCom in order to get out of the trappings of a somewhat privileged family life that still honored and held up the trappings of a noble upbringing. While his father was a diplomat deployed to alien worlds, a young Riyal was able to spend quite a few of his formative years feeding his craving for adventure by building himself up in the wilds of Vulcan and later Andor upon his father's transfer to that planet in his mid-teens. Riyal actually joined Starfleet against the wishes of his family, and is glad that he has been able to achieve what he has now, from his posting to his rank without the aid of his family or his homeworld. At the Academy, he felt free for the first time, and delved into this new experience with the uptmost of zeal, impressing fellow cadets and instructors alike. During is time as the Academy, Riyal was torn between Operations and Security until he was accepted to his cadet cruise aboard the USS Enterprise-E. During his cruise, he was attached to the security detail during two separate diplomatic missions, and realized that he had found his calling.

After graduation, Riyal was attached to the security department of the USS Galaxy, learning the ropes as well as contributing to counter-insurgency and guerrilla warfare tactics after dealing with S'ona rebels in the Briar Patch, which included an abortive boarding action against the Breen backed insurgents. With the outbreak of the Rukakon War, The Galaxy became part of one of Starfleets many interception and counter-interdiction Squadrons. His actions during his tour led to his Commanding officers recommending him for SpecOps training. After Special Operations training, De'Arth was assigned to the USS Tripoli and SEAL Team 5 located on the Cardassian border for a nine month tour, before he was relegated to SEAL Team 2.

USS Enterprise-E, Security Cadet Cruise
Promoted to Ensign
USS Galaxy, Security Department
Promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade
Special Operations School, Andor (SEALs)
USS Tripoli, SEAL Team 5 Operations Officer
SEAL TEAM 2, Gateway Sector

Notes of Interest

Hobbies: Alpine Mountaineering, Spelunking, SCUBA diving including cave diving, complete with MSD Certification, Amateur Boxing, Equestrianism, form fencing (saber and epee)

Combat Training: Standard and Advanced Starfleet Defense Programs, Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Kendo, Krav Maga, Combat Jujitsu, Halensh Kovol (Vespuan style knife fighting), Proficiency in most Alpha and Beta Quadrant small arms.

Languages Spoken: Federation Standard, Ferengi, Orion Trade Speak, Vulcan, Romulan, High Vespuan, Andorian

Personal Traits: De'Arth is actually for the most part, really laid back, but a bit of a workaholic. Feels an overwhelming need to complete any task that he is given, almost to the point of obsessive-ness. He does have a tendency however, to get frustrated with tasks that are especially difficult, especially once he has pushed himself beyond his normal levels of exhaustion. De'Arth does show great leadership potential, willing to do any task that he assigns his subordinates and willing to look at all options before making a snap decision. If there is an area, that he is found lacking, it is that he tends to take on more work than necessary, rather than delegate tasks to equally skilled teammates.

About the only subject that Riyal has been known to be touchy about and tries to avoid is any discussion of his birthright of his family.


Arch-Duke Harkon De'Arth, Father, Shardi Vespus II, Living
Dame Jalaine Morgan-De'Arth, Mother, Shardi Vespus II, Living
Lady Alatoria De'Arth-Banelle, Sister, Shardi Vespus II, Living
Sir Raine De'Arth, Brother, University of Rigel, Living

Notes: Vespuans can actually see in low-light and night-time conditions as well as they can during the day. However, if a bright light, such as a strobe effect or a flash bang were to go off during this conditions, Vespuans like Riyal would be blind for three times as long as a human unless wearing protective eye-wear. The Vespus system is also considered High Gravity for humans (at about 1.4G), although Vespuns have adapted to it.