Lieutenant Jim Badger Wilcox

LT Jim 'Badger' Wilcox


Name : James Remington Wilcox
Call Sign : Badger
Rank : Lieutenant
Department : Special Operations Command, 160th Special Operations Aerospace Regiment (The Nightstalkers)
Major Area : Pilot
Minor Area : Astrogation

Race : Human
Birth Place : Superior, Wisconsin, North American Directorate, Earth
Gender : Male
Complexion : White
Age : 30
Height : 6' 4” (1.93 m)
Weight : 240 lbs (109 kg)
Hair Length/Color : Black (shaved)
Eye Color : Blue
Languages Spoken : Standard

Jim Wilcox was born to fly. His father was a crop-duster and his mother flew air transports, both cargo and passenger. Even before he could walk, he had his hands on the controls of one sort of aircraft or another and grew up in the air. Raised on stories of heroic Starfleet pilots in the Cardassian and Dominion Wars, he had always planned on joining Starfleet. When he turned 15 his parents signed a waiver allowing him to enter the Academy. As natural a pilot as there was, he breezed through the Academy and flight training. The Academy is where he found an interest in combatives and cage-fighting.

When the Federation re-discovered a need for pilots to specialize in special operations, they looked to history for a name and found the 160th SOAR – the Nightstalkers. Within days of their creation, Wilcox had applied for a transfer. The additional training in infiltration tactics, ground support, electronic warfare, and the new airframes involved presented little challenge and he quickly made it through 'Green Platoon' and into the original ranks of the Nightstalker pilots.

During SEAR training, he actually gained weight, much to the annoyance of his instructors. Growing up in rural Wisconsin provided plenty of experience that worked to his advantage. It was not as cold, the bugs not as big nor as annoying, and the food was more plentiful than he had grown up with on his own excursions.

Wilcox has a lot of respect and (though he'd never admit it) love for the Special Ops community, which is one reason he flies the heavy 'Trojan' transport birds. It is well known that if 'Badger' dropped you off, 'Badger' will be picking you up, even if he has to come and find you.

Notes of Interest
Wilcox has turned down two promotions to Lieutenant Commander in order to avoid being moved to a desk. His Commanders learned early on that the absolute worst punishment they could inflict upon Wilcox was grounding him and forcing him to work on paperwork.

He earned his call-sign of 'Badger' both because of his home-state of Wisconsin and because of his incessant requests for extra flights during training at the Academy. His Flight Instructor commented that if he didn't quit 'badgering' her for flights she'd transfer him into the deepest hole in logistics she could find.

He is one of those men who no matter how recently they shaved always appears to have a five-o'clock shadow, both on his face, and his scalp. Despite black hair, he has very light, ice-blue eyes.

Mother: Barbara Wilcox (54 – Air Transport Pilot)
Father: Robert Wilcox (52 – Crop duster)
Brother: Christopher Wilcox (25 – Veterinarian)

Hobbies and Personal Interests
Personality Traits: Sometimes referred to as 'creepy' because he never, ever loses his temper or his control. His tendency to focus on and study an opponent until he figures out how to take them apart has led to several people accusing him of being psychopathic. His true joy in life is flying (anything), closely followed by fighting (anything or anyone), although he's not one to just dive into the bar fights and brawls that have made sailors famous for centuries. He prefers to fight on his own terms.

Wilcox keeps a pet cat in his quarters at Starbase Aeon. Jade is a 2 year-old female black cat with green eyes, originally obtained to irritate the locals, but she's pretty much won him over. She has learned to ride on his shoulder quite comfortably and he will occasionally take her for a stroll around the promenade.

Flying, cage-fighting, deep-sea fishing, hunting.