Lieutenant Koja Lenai

Koja Lenai is a Bajoran, and 40 years old.


He is stockily built and stands 5'8" tall. He holds a incredible hatred for Cardassians as most Bajorans do. This was exacerbated when his twin brother, Koja Tre, died at the Battle of Kelari. While the battle was with Sindareen raiders, he blames it ultimately on Cardassian interference in the Gateway Sector. He is an old friend of Marc Sekler and has fed intelligence from the GCPD database to the Resistance for years. He has recently taken a more active role since the Second Battle of Kelari and The Nervala II Incident.

Lenai was the commander of the GCPD Special Tactics Team, but is a fugitive from occupied Forever World. He currently is a refugee residing on Aeon V, where he can consult with Starfleet military planners concerning Gateway City.