Lieutenant Melody Ann Adaire

Lieutenant Melody Ann Adaire is the Chief of Security of Federation Outpost 112.


Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Security
Major Area of Study: Security
Minor Area of Study: Historic weapons combat

Race: Human
Place of Birth: Illan Bay
Home Planet: Risa

Age: 26
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair length: Mid back, straight.
Hair-color: Golden Blonde
Eye color: Bright Emerald Green
Complexion: Lightly Tanned

Physical Description: Short and wiry. She appears to be the most unlikely person to win a physical fight which she uses as an advantage. She is elfin in appearance and considered beautiful by most standards. Her appearance is always very neat and rarely sloppy.


Melody grew up in the city of her birth, known to be a tourist attraction with the best beaches. Her parents run the family business, Adaire Hotel, an overly expensive high class resort in Illan Bay. She is the only child and grew up spoiled and overpriviledged, and her personality showed it badly. She often in her teen years used alcohol and drugs to excess and began getting into trouble with the law. These behaviors were attempts to finally get attention from her parents. Her whole life she was lucky if she saw them for an hour a day. This however did nothing to hurt grades, graduating high school valedictorian of her class with a 3.98 average. She fought often fascinated by the art of combat. By 18 she had mastered swordplay, and is trained as well as any klingon withusing a bat'leth. She had a bodyguard who died giving her the chance to get armed when she was kidnapped. This destroyed her self destructive abuse. Her parents forced her to either complete Starfleet Academy or forfiet her future inheritance due to her showing such little of what they considered discipline.. At age 16 she was kidnapped and held for randsom. Two days later she called the police and had killed all four of her kidnappers. She graduated the academy with a 3.4 average. She learned a great deal of discipline there, but still has slips in it. While assigned on the Pegasus as a Lt. Commander she had an issue with the XO whom sabotaged an XO position she applied for and hospitalized him during the fight. Evidence of the sabotage was found and she was demoted for assaulting a senior officer and removed from the ship.

Notes of Interest

Hobbies: Shopping, Sparring, Painting, Swimming, Sunbathing.

Personal Traits: She is socially inept with normal people. She thinks normal people look at her and assume she is a stupid spoiled girl but longs to be accepted by them. She seems more at ease with high class people but hates the type. She is a very loyal person to the very few she finds worth while. She comes off as fun and exciting but also arrogant and full of herself. She has a soft spot for children where all that melts away and she becomes very kind, pleasant, and even very generous.

Family: Her parents Mike and Daisy are still married. She is unmarried and has no children. Oddly enough she is also a virgin. She is not currently on speaking terms with her parents.