Lieutenant Victorique DeBlois

Lieutenant Victorique DeBlois is the Chief Science Officer, serving on Federation Outpost 112.


Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Science
Position: Chief Science Officer

Major Area of Study: Xenology
Minor Area of Study: Alien Artifacts

Race: Human
Place of Birth: Gargilesse, France
Home Planet: Earth

Age: 24
Height: 4'00" (123 cm)
Weight: 75 kgs
Hair length: very long
Hair-color: blonde
Eye color: blueish green
Complexion: pale pink
Physical Description: As a child, Victorique suffered from Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis, an autoimmune kidney disease. Because of this chronic illness, combined with the corticosteroids and other medications used to treat it, her growth was limited and her face retained a childlike appearance well into adulthood. She is in her mid-twenties yet looks as though she is a child.



Victorique de Blois was an enigma inside of a riddle inside of a conundrum.

Victorique was born as a perfectly normal child to a perfectly normal family. Or so they seemed. Victorique's father was a high ranking judge in the courts back on Earth and her mouth was a quiet, subdued noble woman. They appeared to be a normal family in front of high class society - and they worked hard to maintain that.

Truth be told, Victorique's father - The Right Honourable Sebastien Edelson de Blois was a cold, calculating stone of a man. He looked upon the world as one of hate and lies, and drew no quarters for anyone. If someone was found guilty of any crime, he made sure they were punished as severely as the law would allow him to. He knew no mercy and gave no leniency to anyone at all, regardless of how light the crime may have been. The only good thing that could be said is that he punished all men equally - caring nothing for other nobles or classes.

The only exception was when he sentenced a man to death for extortion, bribery and for drug smuggling. The convicted man's daughter, Giselle Montague, who had become addicted to very drugs her father had been peddling, was in rough shape. He granted her leniency for her parts in the crimes committed in the crimes, and allowed her to walk free. While others in court system couldn't argue this was essentially fair, they were bewildered how she managed to get off so easily. However, that question soon came to an answer, as it soon became known she had agreed to marry the judge.

While the public image was of an impeccable couple of intimate persuasion, the reality was quite another thing. Sebastien had only taken the woman in to help bear him a son, an heir to his estate he created over the years. In return, Sebastien kept the woman in supply of the drugs she continued to crave. His cruelty and barbaric attitude meant nothing to the woman, as she was simply too doped up most of the time to know or care what was happening to her.

Naturally some consummation occured, but the first two children miscarried, no doubt due to the rampant drug abuse the mother continued during her terms. So eventually, Sebastien removed access to the drugs for Giselle, cleansing her body for the most part, though the girl suffered greatly from withdrawl - both mentally and physically. However, the plan worked, and their third child was born - pretty much normal for the most part.

For a time, things began to go well. The child brought changes to the family. As she grew up, an intense intelligence was seen in the child, even in the early age. She could read at the age of four, and could write short stories by the age of five. Her knowledge of mathematics was astounding and she was able to list the real scientific names of creatures by the age of seven. All of this brought great pride to Sebastien who saw all of his plans come true. Certainly she was a girl, rather than the son he craved, but her genious level of ability more than made up for that. They say he even showed more mercy during his job. Her mother found Victorique to be a sweet and loving child, and this affection between mother and child caused her to forget her sordid past, so she could concentrate on doting on her daughter. In fact, for a while, the perfect family was just that.

However, both father and mother were foolish to think that the drugs that had been dormant in the mother were non-effectual on the child. As she hit her teen years, Victorique became more and more morose to see her body not changing. Not only was she studying with people older than her in real age (such is life for a genius child), but her body seemed to have no interest in becoming adult at all. From 11 to 13,her parents laughed this off. However when her 14th birthday came and she had not developed - or grown - since the age of 11, reality sunk in. Her growth had been stunted, perhaps permanently.

There was then no doubt that their past had come to haunt them. Sadly, rather than band together to help the saddened teen, her parents digressed. Her father became bitter, angry and resentful again. This in turn dragged her mother back into drug abuse again. As the years passed, Victorique struggled to make her parents happy and proud by doing even better scholastically, however, despite all of her achievements, it never made her parents get along. While her father did praise her quick passing through Degrees and Masters, his cruel treatment of Giselle only worsened. And qui quo pro, she hid behind more drugs. Soon, the drugs left Victorique nothing but an empty shell of a mother to speak to, as her mother's mind was mostly gone. And then one morning, the drugs took even that from the girl. On the day, she receieved top honours for her Doctorate in Xenology, her mother had died at home in bed. Her father had been at work - waiting for it to happen.

Victorique had a brief but happy childhood, but her teen years were fully of misery, unhappiness and regret. For her, the combination of being a child genius, and then being a grown genius with a child's body, made life miserable enough, without her parents' problems. She fell in love a few times, but naturally never had those feelings reciprocated. As she saw her parents' marriage degenerate, she soon turned her back on love, and embraced the only thing that hadn't let her down - Science.

When a chance came to join a new Starfleet ship leaving Earth, she used all of her certificates, achievements and accolades (and also pulled in many of her dad's contacts) to get her on board the ship. Victorique is leaving Earth - and she doesn't really care if she ever returns.


2359 - Carlos Montague is convicted and sentenced to death for several crimes, include drug trafficking. His daughter, Giselle Montague, is cleared of any wrong doing.
- Sebastien Edelson de Blois and Giselle Montague are married

2362 - Victorique de Blois is born

2364 - Victorique shows ability to do simple mathematics.

2366 - Victorique begins to read books and can answer questions on the plot, meaning, etc.

2367 - Victorique wins her first speech contest and scores highest in a Mathematics Aptitude test

2368 - Victorique writes a simplified version of "Little Women" for her elementary class.

2369 - Victorique begins to name animals now simply by their scientific (genus) names
- She becomes fluent in English and German

2371 - Victorique is moved up in the school system as her level is deemed to high to be kept in current stream
- She is also able to speak Mandarin and Latin now

2374 - Victorique continues to move forward, going into high school four years early.
- She and her parents begin to concern about her physical development

2376 - Victorique is formally diagnosed with stunted growth due to the drugs in her mother's system

2377 - Victorique graduates from high school and matriculates to Harvard University to study Xenology and Biology.

2380 - Victorique confesses her love to a fellow student. He politely turns her down, telling her 'she's too much like a younger sister'.

2382 - Victorique gets her Doctorate in Xenology. On the same day of the graduation ceremony, her mother dies in bed - alone.

2384 - Victorique begins to study for a position in Star Fleet. She begins to write Science papers to impress those in high command.

2385 - Through her many accolades, and help from her father's contacts, Victorique gets a position on the latest ship, as the Chief Science Officer.

2386 - Giselle says farewell to the home planet of her mother. And begins a new life.

Notes of Interest

Hobbies: Girl's romance manga(comics) and light novels, chess, chinese chess, reading classic literature, piano, trying on very fancy old type dresses.

Personal Traits: Calm, cool and collected, Victorique doesn't fly off the handle or get excited easily. She stays calm for the most part, although she can be very sarcastic and cutting at times, and has a tendency to say unkind things, due to her inability to empaphise with others. She also tends to have a shortish temper if she feels her intelligence is being mocked of her 'appearance' is being used against her. However, she is at heart a kind girl, and will do what she can to help others, as long as they do not hurt those around them. She also continues to get secret crushes on men she meets, although she'd be loathed to admit it.

Father - The Right Honourable Sebastien Edelson de Blois
Mother - Lady Giselle Montague de Blois (deceased)
Edward - Cousin (Chief of Security on Star Fleet)