Lok is the Ambassador Zel's deputy, representing Ferengi interests in the Gateway Sector.

Race : Ferengi
Place of Birth : Ferenginar
Home Planet : Ferenginar

Age : 33
Height : 5’3"
Weight : 104 lbs.


Lok served from his mid-teens on a Ferengi marauder, scrimping and saving all of his profits until he had saved enough by age 27 to purchase his entry-level diplomatic credentials. Like his immediate superior, Ambassador Zel, Lok's specialty is trade negotiations; however he also tends to serve Zel in other capacities, acting also as clerk, pilot, and general go-fer.

Like Zel, Lok takes a percentage of every deal he is involved in negotiating, although as the junior member of the delegation, his percentage is generally much smaller than Zel's. Lok continues his relatively frugal habits with his earnings to this day, hoping to eventually save up enough to bribe his way to higher station and no longer have to put up with Zel.

Notes of Interest

Lok is generally softer-spoken and less quick to act and speak than Zel; he tends to think things through more than his superior and is somewhat less wedded to — or less blinded by — traditional Ferengi tendencies; although he is still very much a Ferengi at heart, enjoying oo-mox, women in general, and the acquisition of profit, status, and the finer things in life. Like Zel, Lok is single; he does not intend to attempt to acquire a wife until he has first acquired an Ambassadorial post of his own, given the costs of upkeep and the negative impact to his net worth.

Bolder in the face of danger than Zel and more subtle and devious in his approaches to commerce and politics alike, Lok likes to think he smarter than his boss. He is probably correct in this opinion.