Lt. Commander Ashley Rogers

Lieutenant Commander Ashley Rogers is the Chief Tactical Officer, serving on Federation Outpost 112.

Rogers was a longtime member of Section 31, the full extent of which became public knowledge during the assassination of President-elect Akorem Lin. Despite the nature of the way she ended her association with them, she secretly harbors sympathy for the Section, feelings she hides from her former handler and fiancee Renee Hernandez.


Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Department: Tactical
Major Area of Study: Tactical/Security
Minor Area of Study: Music

Race: Human
Place of Birth: San Francisco, California
Home Planet: Earth

Age: 35
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175 lbs
Hair length: Short
Hair-color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Complexion: Light skinned, but tan
Physical Description: Tall and athletic



Ashley Rogers, or "Ash" to those close to her, was once a fast-rising star officer in Starfleet. She graduated near the top of her class at the Academy despite disciplinary issues and spent her first few assignments exceeding the expectations that preceded her as a Security Officer. Ash drew the attention of Section 31, the shadowy intelligence organization not bound by Starfleet regulations, and was recruited to the organization when she graduated from the Academy.

Her life took a drastically more negative turn when during the Rukakon War, she was taken prisoner by the Rukakon for espionage and terrorism while under orders from Section 31. Upon release as a prisoner of war, she was taken into custody by Starfleet and courtmartialed for the destruction of the USS Wrangler and the deaths of her shipmates when she had apparently defected to the Rukakon. She spent several years as a POW and as a Starfleet prisoner before she was unexpectedly released and assigned to Outpost 112.

Initially, Ash was severely disenchanted with the prospect of serving in uniform again but she feels an obligation to right the wrongs that Section 31 forced her to make. But the lure of working for them again, as well as her relationship with her new handler, Renee Hernandez, made it an enticing option despite her history.

Ash fell back into old habits when she agreed to work for the Section again, choosing them over Starfleet, much to the disappointment and anger of Captain Daniel Carlin. But after an assassination attempt on Renee, Ash turned on the Section, facilitating its downfall.

Now Ash is trying to rebuild her Starfleet career and a new life with Renee.

Notes of Interest

Hobbies: Playing a guitar, martial arts, and meditation.

Personal Traits: Ash has a darkly sarcastic sense of humor that stemmed from her years in confinement. While at one point, Ash was wholely devoted to Starfleet and its ideologies, she is more guarded and defensive now because of what she has experienced. She is still trying to rebuild her life after much of it was taken away after the USS Wrangler was lost but there is a more troubling side to Ash that she keeps hidden from even those closest to her. Most other Starfleet officers don't know whether or not to trust her because of her connections to Section 31, the ambiguity of the circumstances behind her incarceration, and her continued status as an operative.

Mother: Laura Rogers
Father: Sam Rogers
Sister: Sarah Rogers

Ashley and Captain Daniel Carlin served together on the USS Excelsior. Carlin was Chief Tactical Officer and Ashley served under his command, gaining a lot of knowledge and training from him. They had a mentor/mentored relationship, both thinking very highly of each other.