Lt. Commander Aurtier Sorena

Lieutenant Commander Aurtier Sorena is the Chief Operations Officer for Outpost 112. She is entailed with ensuring that the day to day operations of the Outpost are handled in a timely and professional manner, as well as coordinating activities with the orbiting K-7 Station and it's assigned vessels.

Name: Aurtier Sorena (Bajoran - Surname First)
Department: Operations
Race: Bajoran - Bajorans
Place of Birth: Grivam, Lakku Province, Bajor
Home Planet: Bajor

Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Major Area of Study: Theoretical Engineering, Astrophysics, Propulsion Engineering
Minor Area of Study: Operations Systems Management, Business Administration


Age: 36
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 136 lbs
Hair length: Slightly below mid-back length when loose, normally kept up in a French

Plait Braid.
Hair-color: Deep Red, almost Burgundy in hue
Eye color: Hazel, fluctuates between green and deep gray
Complexion: Fair and very freckled
Physical Description: Freckled and slender figured, slightly larger than normal eyes. Nose ridges are very pronounced. Very emotional and her face gets ruddy if she gets too agitated or excited. Has a tendency to lick her lips and bite her lower lip when she is nervous or concentrating on her work. Has very small hands and feet. She is very fair for a Bajoran and she is a little bit more reserved than most members of her race. She usually keeps her mid-drift and upper legs covered, because she is still neurotic considering her appearance after reconstructive surgery for plasma fire burns sustained from an exploding runabout engine during a skirmish with the Jem'Hadar in early 2375 during the Dominion War towards the final stages of the Siege of AR-558. Has a faint scar over her right eye thanks to injuries sustained during the destruction of the USS Sentinel during classified incidents dealing with the Borg in the Beta Quadrant in 2378. Tends to wear Bajoran body suits, usually of Grey or green colorations when not in uniform.


Born during the height of the Cardassian occupation of Bajor, Sorena grew up on the stories of the resistance and their diligence against the enemies of Bajor. Her father was the Legate of the Lakku Province and a Resistance Sympathizer who was executed by vengeful Cardassians after being accused of collaborating in a raid in 2359 against Terok Nor, leaving her brother and her in the care of her mother, a diplomatic attaché and liaison with the Federation. Her mother, Juyni, not being able to take her children every where she was assigned, sent both of her children to the Rakantha Province Celestial Monastery. While there, her analytical side was pushed and she found she had an aptitude towards engineering and science principals. However, at the same time, Sorena also threw herself wholeheartedly into her studies, and briefly considered becoming a priestess. However, her innate sense of curiosity won out, and she went to the Academy. The rest is

Aurtier excelled in her studies and graduated near the top of her class. She was considered a fast track officer despite taking her initial cruise as an Astrophysicist in the Science division. That all changed when she was critically injured during the Siege of AR-558 where she was operating as a combat engineer in support of the assigned ground forces. She spent the better part of a year first on Medical Leave and then on limited duty in the Bajor system as her body healed, but it changed her outlook on life.

She then opted to go into StarFleet R&D, which kept her mind busy, but also kept her from having to face any questions regarding her own command potential. Declared fit for duty by Starfleet medical in spite of her fragile mental state, Aurtier was assigned to the Defiant class USS Sentinel as the Assistant Chief Engineer. Aurtier was able to complete her duties
with little problem, even taking command of the ship long enough to ensure that her
surviving team and lower decks were evacuated during a Pyrrhic encounter with the
Borg during 2378. After the USS Sentinel's destruction, Aurtier was then assigned to
the USS Dragon Wing, where finally she had to face those inner demons that had been plaguing her since the Dominion War. Aurtier was posted on the USS Dragon Wing as it's
Acting Chief Engineer during it's shake-down cruise, mostly to oversee the operation of the new drive system her design team had produced. After dealing with numerous crisis and inter-personal issues, Aurtier began to do some soul searching, and came out a stronger person for it.

Seeing a change of venue as a blessing in disguise, Aurtier took the new post on the USS Endeavour-B. She hoped that this post will put her back on track with her career, although she also hoped an exploration cruise might help her come to terms with everything in her past.

After suffering a near fatal case of temporal narcosis that put her into a three week coma in early 2381, Aurtier began to question her command abilities. She was kept aboard the Endeavour-B, but was retained as the Chief Engineer instead of as Second Officer, since a new command staff was brought aboard while she was under. She completed her assignments as the acting chief, then as the USS Endeavour-B's confirmed Chief Engineer, and helped get the recently recovered and partially restored USS Darius, a 22nd Century NX-Class relic thought lost, back to Earth. At the San Francisco Shipyards, Aurtier was tasked
with heading up the team to analyze and catalogue the current conditions of the propulsion and hull systems on the three hundred year old NX-07 USS Darius.

At the conclusion of this assignment, Aurtier and her people were re-assigned. Sorena ended up assigned to the Niagara Class USS Huron as it's Chief Engineer just before the outbreak to the Rukakon War. During the frenzied evacuation of Earth, the Huron was one of the vessels tasked with holding back the Rukakon forces and delaying the Void for as long as possible. The USS Huron came under combined assault by a pair of strike cruisers, and of the crew of 400, only 45, including a critically injured Aurtier Sorena were recovered from the wreck.

Sorena then spent the next few months recovering on her family estate on Bajor until the Battle of Bajor in mid 2383. She was re-activated to assist with the Defensive preparations, and she was instrumental in damaging the Orbital Strike Cruiser of the Rukakon Hierarchy during the Siege. She also assisted in coordinating the rapidly changing defense parameter that helped defend Bajor from a third invasion attempt by the Cardassian Union.

After the conclusion of the war, and Aurtier had a period to completely recover from her physical war wounds, Sorena was assigned to the Operations Command Department of Starbase 114, Sector Command Nexus for the 11th, 21st, and 27th fleets. She was there assigned to the Command Staff of Admiral Jozette when she was re-assigned to the post of Executive Officer of the USS Harbinger, a Legacy Class Deep Space Explorer, then under the tentative Command of Captain Ryan Hull. Just before she
was to report for duty, she was given a new set of orders, sealed and signed by the top brass of Starfleet itself. She was to report to Captain Daniel Carlin and assist with Command Operations in the increasingly volatile Gateway Sector.

Timeline and Service History:
2350: Born on Bajor
2359: Father dies during resistance actions
2368: Accepted to Starfleet Academy
2371: USS Thunderchild, Cadet Cruise
2372: Promoted to Ensign
2372: USS Thunderchild, Astrophysicist
2373: StarBase 164, Staff Engineer
-Cross-Branch Transferred into Starfleet Marine Corps
2374: Promoted to First Lieutenant, SFMC
-Sector 01: 338th Combat Engineering Battalion. Staff S-2 Officer
2375: Sector 11, 2nd/14th Infantry, Engineering Detachment XO, SFMC
-Lankul Deep Space Research Station
-Benzar Liberation Campaign
-Siege of AR-558
-Deep Space 9, Medical Leave of Absence
2376: Returnsto Active duty, Transferred back to Starfleet
-Accepted to ASDB Course, Andor Institute of Engineering
2377: USS Sentinel, Engineering, Assistant Chief Engineer
2378: Promoted to Lieutenant
2378: Utopia Planetia, WarpTheoretics Propulsion Design Team 4
2380: USS Dragon Wing, Acting Chief Engineer
2382; Endeavour Project, Executive Officer
-USS Darius/USS Endeavour, Chief of Salvage and Recovery Operations, Chief Engineer
-San Fransisco Shipyards, USS Darius Restoration Project Co-Ordinator
2383: USS Huron, Chief Engineer
-Starbase 375/Bajor, Medical Leave of Absence
-Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
-Bajor Defense Coridorn, Light Duty. Grivam Quadrent Defense System Supervisor
2384: Starbase 114, Chief Engineering Repair and Docking Operations Officer
2385:Starbase 114, Staff Adjutant to Admiral Jozette.
2386: Federation Outpost 112, Operations

Notes of Interest

Hobbies: Swimming, botany, studying the history and theology of Bajor, as well as other races, reading romance novels, starship design. Human Soccer.

Personal Traits:
Very curious and willing to try new things. Socially reserved, at least at first, but her Bajoran boldness does take hold once she has been around people for a bit. Is very spiritual when off-duty, but can separate her personnel life from her professional life. Has a fondness for small children and flowers. Tries to keep in contact with her surviving family whenever possible.

However, she does have bouts of melancholy and depression, these can be traced back to her two big tragedies in her life, the loss of her father before her tenth birthday, and the loss of her Fiancee at the hands of her hated racial foes, the Cardassians. Fortunately, these
episodes are becoming less frequent as time goes on. In the last year, she has become more assertive and comfortable in her ability to command, just not on large scale levels. Yet.
It also appears that she is also highly susceptible to Temporal Narcosis, although her symptoms are somewhat odd compared to most cases on record. Dr. Steven Michaels discovered this after a mission in which they went thru a temporal anomaly that put Sorena into a deep shock. She tends to become very outgoing, yet manipulative, almost to the point of pure manic state until she wears herself out, and then lapses into a coma-like unconsciousness.

Sorena was opening up to people once more when she was once again shocked with the recent news while she was on Starbase 114 of the presumed loss of the USS Endeavour with all hands to what appears to be unknown hostile forces while on patrol. Hoping to cope and move on with her life, Aurtier has once again immersed herself completely into her work. Whether this proves to be truly successful therapy or not will only be able to be determined
with time.

-Mother- secretary-of-the-treasury-aurtier-juyni
-Brother- Commander Aurtier Gregior 46, First Officer, USS
-Sister-in-law- LCMDR Tiffany Aurtier, 37, Chief of Operations, USS
-Nephew Aurtier Kristoff,8, living

Was engaged to 1st Lt. Devlin Carter from 2372-2374 until he was killed aboard the USS Graneau, Akira Class, during the first battle of Chintoka III with hostile Cardassian forces. She still wears his engagement ring on a chain necklace around her neck along with her SFMC dog-tags as a good luck charm that she keeps under her uniform and on at all times.

While she is a member of Starfleet, Sorena is also a member of the Bajoran Religious Faith and holds the position of Prylar. Even after joining Starfleet, she was never asked to re-nounce her vows, and every time she returns to Bajor, she make a point of renewing her priestly vows and undertaking pilgrimages to renew her faith.