Lt Commander Cynan Ahren

Lt. Commander Cynan Ahren is the squadron commander of the 68th Fighter Squadron - Lightning Lancers.

Name: Cynan Ahren
Call Sign: Falcon
Rank: Lt. Commander
Department : Flight
Race: Bajoran - Bajorans
Home Planet: Bajor


Age: 34
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 150
Hair length: Short
Hair-color: Brown
Eye color: Hazel
Complexion: Caucasian

Physical Description: Slim and fit. Handsome and streamlined. Moves with agility and grace.


Ahren was born on the planet Bajor to freedom-fighter parents who sought to help overthrow Cardassian oppression. His parents were killed when he was very young, and he was sent to live with his cousins on an asteroid mining station where the primary form of entertainment is skimmer racing.

Ahren excelled at racing, becoming something of a sensation as a teenager and being named skimmer champion several times. A visiting Starfleet officer observed Ahren's talent and suggested that the young man take his skills to Starfleet in the form of piloting fighter craft.

Ahren sought guidance from Bajoran elders and the Prophets and felt that his destiny was to leave his asteroid home and seek more distant stars. He joined Starfleet and quickly rose through the ranks with his undeniable piloting skills.

Ahren was assigned as squadron commander of the Lightning Lancers, despite the squadron's proximity to major Cardassian presence. The Bajoran pilot convinced his superiors that he is disciplined enough to prevent any prejudice against the Cardassians from clouding his judgment.

Notes of Interest

Ahren married young on the asteroid station, and his wife declined to go with him when he joined Starfleet. She asked for a divorce, and Ahren gave it quietly. He speaks very little about the situation.

Personal Traits: Ahren is a deeply spiritual person. He prays before and after every battle and before and after every race. He is disciplined and controlled, firm in his convictions, a moral person. He is very confident in himself and can be stubborn and willful at times.

Ahren treats others with respect, but is sometimes aloof. He enjoys deep conversations about philosophy, history and culture.

Hobbies: Ahren continues to enjoy various forms of vehicle racing. With his good reflexes, vision and physical condition, he does well at such sport. He also likes studying the religions, philosophies and cultures of other races. He doesn't do much partying and tends to be something of a loner or wallflower at group gatherings.

Father: Cynan Rill (deceased)
Mother: Cynan Malaia (deceased)
Uncle: Cynan Corb
Aunt: Cynan Ageele
Cousins: Lua, Salan (Females), Karax, Davan (Males)
Former Wife: Salil Byrna (Divorced)