Lt. Commander Ezra Sebastian

Lt. Commander Ezra Sebastian is the squadron leader of the 77th Fighter Squadron - Gamblers, serving on K7 Space Station in the Gateway Sector.

Name: Ezra Sebastian
Department: Flight command

Race: Human
Place of Birth: Belfast
Home Planet: Earth

Age: 33
Rank: Flight Leader
Major Area of Study: Flight School
Minor Area of Study: Fleet Marine Program


Ezra was born in Belfast to a single mom. Father left the planet when he was young and Ezra never saw him again. His mom worked hard and he took his mother’s lead and worked hard to, excelling in school and finally graduating and doing well enough to get into Star Fleet. Blessed with exceptional hand eye coordination, he gravitated towards the fighter program. After spending ten great years touring the universe, helping prevent anarchy and invasions and doing his duty, he ran into trouble. His mother died back home and Ezra taking it badly, stole a fighter and took it for a joy ride, planet side. Given his good conduct prior and skills, he was not kicked out of Star Fleet, only transferred to the Forever Galaxy.

Notes of Interest

Hobbies: Boxing, cooking, eating, exercise,
Personal Traits: he is quiet most times, does a lot of listening, but will speak when he feels the situation warrants his opinion. Since getting busted, he has kept a low profile and simply done as asked. He is very fit physically as he doesn’t often associate with many others.

Family: No family, no girlfriend, he is the epitome of a loner and likes it that way as far as he’s concerned.