Lt. Commander Ko'Var

Ko’Var, son of Jaytok, is the Chief Operations Officer on Federation Outpost 112, Gateway Sector.


Department: Command, Operations
Race: Klingon
Place of Birth: First City, Qo’noS
Home Planet: Qo’noS
Age: 36
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 231 lbs
Hair length: Long
Hair-color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Complexion: Copper hue

Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Major Area of Expertise: Operations
Minor Area of Expertise: Command


Son of Jaytok, House of Kamril

Ko’Var was born to Jaytok and Me’la on Qo’noS shortly before Jaytok was given command of the IKS Y’tem. Ko’Var grew up in the traditional fashion - learning the meaning of honor and its practical application to life; strength and conditioning training; hand-to-hand combat; bladed weapon combat; and military tactics. He also learned of the then-raw assault on Narendra III by Romulans, in which the head of his house (Kamril), Kamril’s cousin, and mate, all perished in battle.

Ko’Var’s family lived in the First City, but he was regularly sent to his uncle’s cabin in the Hamar Mountains, to test Ko’Var’s ability to survive. The Hamar Mountains grow inhospitable during winter, and Ko’Var’s uncle challenged him to hunt more and more dangerous beasts. During his jahk’tala, he fought and defeated a Saber bear with only a wooden spear fashioned from a tree. He cooked the creature over an open fire and drank its blood to honor the day.

At the age of 12, Ko’Var experienced his first Rite of Accession and declared his intention to become a warrior. The painstiks nearly brought him to the ground, but Ko’Var drew upon his inner strength and endured the physical suffering.

When Ko’Var was 17, civil war broke out in the Empire after the death of Chancellor K’mpec. The conflict raged like a wildfire (literally and figuratively) across the Empire, and the First City on Qo’noS was not immune. Industrial fires in the city as a result of sabotage spread and threatened to consume the family house. Open fighting began in the streets, and Ko’Var’s father was killed. Ko’Var avenged his father’s death with the edge of a mek’leth. After Gowron reunited the Empire, Ko’Var applied (and was accepted) to the Imperial Klingon Military Academy. The recent loss of his father left him without much of a role model, but he was determined to become a warrior for the Empire. His instructors gave him fair marks, but noted that he did not have as much respect for the old ways as some of his classmates.

During a survival and training mission, Ko’Var and his roommate at the Academy were attacked by a pack of starving grint hounds. His roommate was badly wounded and knocked unconsciousness, but Ko’Var killed two of the hounds with his dk’tahg. The remaining hounds fled. Ko’Var dragged his roommate eight miles to the nearest Academy outpost, to give his friend the opportunity to survive, and die in a more glorious battle in the future.

A Warrior’s Call

Ko’Var’s first assignment in the Klingon Defense Force was on the IKS Y’tem, a Bird of Prey. He served with distinction as Tactical Officer in the brief-but-bloody Federation-Klingon conflict in the early 2370’s. Gowron did eventually re-sign the Khitomer Accords and an anti-Dominion alliance came into being. Ko’Var had heard the Jem’Hadar were fierce warriors, and he was eager to test his mettle against them.

The IKS Y’tem finished repairs just in time to join the initial battle against the Dominion invasion of the Alpha Quadrant. The IKS Y’tem engaged and destroyed 6 Jem’Hadar attack fighters, but not without sustaining heavy damage by the end of the conflict. The entire bridge crew was killed or wounded in a power conduit explosion. However, Ko’Var managed to drag himself up to his station and reroute power to the disruptors so that the Y’tem could finish off its 7th and final Jem’Hadar opponent. He attempted to send the Y’tem into the nearest Jem’Hadar battleship at ramming speed, but propulsion was offline. The crew of the Y’tem were frustrated that they were unable to die in the glorious battle, but they received badges honoring the number of enemy ships they slew. Chancellor Gowron himself presented Ko’Var with an Imperial Service medallion, and the Chancellor had Ko’Var transferred to his personal staff as a junior military advisor.

Before the Fall

(CLASSIFIED - Level 4) Then-Chancellor Gowron recognized the serious threat posed by the Dominion to the Klingon Empire, militarily. As Gowron was more prone to less-direct methods of confrontation, he contacted Ko’Var and his cousin, J’ron, and sent them on a mission. In a highly-unusual move, Gowron had collaborated with Section 31 to try and deliver the morphogenic virus into the Changeling population. Ko’Var understood the rationale and accepted the distasteful assignment because it was an order from his Chancellor.

Ko’Var and his cousin succeeded in capturing a Changeling, although his cousin J’ron was killed in the attempt. The Changeling was analyzed by Klingons and Section 31 in order to develop the morphogenic virus, after which the captured Changeling was killed.

When Chancellor Martok learned of the virus and the participants in its creation, he discommendated Ko’Var and J’ron (posthumously) for participating in a dishonorable form of combat (i.e. poison and assassination). The fact that they had acted on behalf of Gowron probably informed Martok’s decision, as there was no love lost between the Chancellor and the former Chancellor.

Looking for Work

Without the Empire, Ko’Var was still determined to fight and regain his honor. Ruling out the Romulans for obvious reasons, he decided to follow in Worf’s footsteps and join Starfleet. He had no trouble meeting the physical requirements of Starfleet Academy and already understood many of the subjects well, due to his prior time in service in the Klingon Defense Force.

He was assigned to Deep Space 10 along the Federation-Cardassian border. Although Ko’Var struggled to adapt to the more tolerant nature of Starfleet initially, his strong work ethic and sense of duty impressed his CO’s. He demonstrated an ability (and more importantly, a willingness) to command. Although he began his Starfleet career as a Security Officer, his obvious desire to make sure all loose ends were tied up made him a better fit for Operations.

Ko’Var served as Operations Officer aboard the USS Cerberus, a Prometheus-class vessel under the command of Admiral Ross. Ko’Var had met Ross while on Gowron’s staff, and Ross is one of the few non-Klingons who knows of Ko’Var’s complete history. Admiral Ross once told him that sometimes ethical sacrifices were necessary in a war against an enemy this brutal. However, Ko’Var is embarrassed by his discommendation and his participation in the virus events, and will not speak of it with anyone.

After the Rukakon War, Ko’Var heard of the multi-pronged conflict in the Gateway Sector and requested transfer, hoping to prove himself in battle against the Sindareen and the plucky fighters of the Resistance.


Service Record
Tactical Officer, Bekk - IKS Y’tem - Klingon Defense Force

Acting Captain - IKS Y’tem - Klingon Defense Force

Junior Military Advisor, Sergeant - Chancellor’s Staff - Klingon Empire


Cadet - Starfleet Academy

Security Officer, Ensign - Deep Space 10

Operations Officer, Lt. J/G / Lt. - USS Cerberus

Chief Operations Officer, Lt. Cmdr. - Federation Outpost 112

Notes of Interest & Personal Traits

Ko’Var’s size is average for a Klingon, but being substantially lighter than many Klingons conveys advantages and disadvantages. He’s more agile, faster, and mobile than most Klingon males his age. However, he also has less mass and force to leverage in close quarters combat.

He’s young by Klingon standards, and his exile adds a chip on his shoulder. Still, he has phenomenal temper control for a Klingon, and works well as part of a team with a strong work ethic. Ko’Var expects maximum effort and will give it in return.

Because he was born into the aftermath of Narendra III, Ko’Var has a distrust of Romulans. This attitude is not helped by the general Klingon societal dislike for Romulans - the classical Klingon claim that Romulans are “without honor” echoes here. Ko’Var’s own belief in this stereotype has been softened by the Alliance’s war against the Dominion, in which Klingon and Romulan ships fought on the same side together. Still, it would be fair to say that Romulans put him at yellow alert.


Ko’Var is an adept practitioner of the Klingon martial arts, specifically mok'bara. He taught a class on Deep Space 10 and keeps up with his training and practice. Chancellor Gowron also taught him how to play Klin zha, and he quickly developed a proficiency.

When not aboard a starship or station, Ko’Var prefers to be out on targ hunts or climbing one of the peaks in the BIng'av Mountains on Qo’noS.

Like most Klingons, Ko’Var’s beverage of choice is bloodwine.


Father - (died in battle during the Klingon Civil War) Jaytok

Mother – Me’la