Lt. Commander Raffaele Ferrari

Lt. Commander Raffaele Ferrari is the commanding officer of the Bulldog Platoon (SEAL Team 2) and is the Chief of Tactical Field Operations for the Resistance Task Force.

Name: Raffaele Ferrari
Department: SEALs

Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Major Area: Military History
Minor Area: Exolinguistics & Small Unit Combat Tactics

Race: 75% Human/25% Vulcan
Home Planet: Earth
Gender: Male
Complexion: Dark tan
Age: 28
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 221 lbs
Hair Length/Color: Shaved/Black
Eye Color: Hazel


Pre-Academy Years
Raffaele was an exceptional athlete growing up and starred in track, football, baseball, swimming and wrestling at his high school. Raffaele competed in the Olympics on Earth in the 100 and 200 meter freestyle as well as a number of team relays in swimming. Raffaele earned gold medals in both of his individual events as well as one of the relays. He was disqualified from further competition for verbally accosting a race official after a false start warning.

Raffaele had a few arrests as a teenager for fighting. None of the arrests led to criminal charges. Since entering Starfleet, Raffaele's temper has led to outbursts, but never violence against another member of the fleet. Raffaele has also self-reported that he has begun training in Vulcan mental disciplines in order to contain his temper.


Academy Information
Raffaele showed a strong aptitude toward the physical fitness elements of Academy life and continued his athletic development in swimming and wrestling. During his third and fourth years, Raffaele competed in both sports and earned varsity recognition. He also managed to set an Academy record in the 400 meter freestyle, which still stands as unbeaten at this time.

Academically, Raffaele was above-average in history and linguistics. He set himself apart in physical fitness tests by scoring perfect scores in each round of testing from day one at the Academy. He showed initiative to help under-performing cadets improve by helping adjust their diets and training regimes to improve their scores as well.

Cadet Deployment
Raffaele served his cadet deployments on the USS Dixon within the security department. During the deployment, Raffaele took part in away missions and simulated combat drills on-board and performed at an acceptable level. His direct supervisor, Lieutenant J.G. Erik Harper, and mentor, Commander Sisi Ulna, on these deployments praised the initiative and creativity shown by Cadet Ferrari.


Service Record
USS Ticonderoga, Tactical Officer, Ensign
Special Operations Training (SEAL), Ensign
SEAL Team 2, Squad Leader, Lieutenant J.G.
SEAL Team 2, Platoon Leader, Lieutenant
Starfleet Command Officers School - San Francisco, Lieutenant (Promotable)
SEAL Team 2, Gateway Sector Detachment (Outpost 112), Unit Commander, Lieutenant Commander
SEAL Team 2, Bulldog Platoon (Starbase Aeon), Unit Commander, Lieutenant Commander

Upon graduation from the Academy, Raffaele was assigned to the USS Ticonderoga. Within a few months, he had submitted his paperwork for consideration as a SEAL trainee. Given his exemplary level of physical fitness and stellar recommendations from Academy instructors, his department head, and commanding officer, he was granted admission to Special Operations Training School.

Service History Redacted - Level Seven Clearance Required For Access

Notes of Interest

Personal Traits
Raffaele sports a tattoo on the back of right shoulder of a crucifix ringed with a crown of thorns. On the back of his left leg he has surgical scarring from fragments of an isokinetic warhead (a result of a friendly fire incident during the Rukakon War). On the back of his right hand, he has a birthmark that is slightly darker than the rest of his skin that is shaped like the number eight.

He carries less than 5% body fat, with a lean muscular build. As a swimmer, he is next to none, and shows incredible endurance due to his hybridized musculature and circulatory system. He is significantly stronger than he appears and is able to stand toe-to-toe with full-blooded Vulcans and Romulans with full parity of strength.

Raffaele is fiercely passionate. On top of his passion is a strong competitive streak. Raffaele has exhibited motivation, skill, and initiative during his time in the Teams and before.

Raffaele's most significant weakness lies in his competitive nature. While his aggressive streak is beneficial as a SEAL team leader, it is potentially reckless within the command structure of a starship. The aggressive streak most often manifests itself in terms of interpretation of orders - the independence he shows in this coupled with his passionate side means that he is more than capable of tackling the toughest operational situations and leading his unit, but that he is more than likely going to step on a more conservative officers' toes in the process.

He is constantly fighting to find balance and keep his competitive side under control. Raffaele was born and raised in Earth's Catholic faith, but is at best a partial observer of it's mores and protocols. Raffaele has begun voluntarily training with a Vulcan officer certain mental disciplines to develop the balance mentioned above.

In his personal life, Raffaele is charming and usually has more than enough flattery to spread around a group. It has been observed that he has a weakness for attractive woman, especially those from races that many humans would consider exotic such as Vulcans, Romulans, Orions or Centaurans. The same passion that drives him to excel as a special warfare officer leaves him unable to deny himself from carnal pleasures. As a result, his track record of monogamous relationships is spotty at best. At it's worst, these desires can lead him to make questionable decisions in his personal life, but it has yet to be observed overlapping into his professional life. This side of Raffaele has been more active since the ending of the Rukakon War and the Void Incident, but no direct correlation seems to be the cause.

Raffaele is a recreational diver and is rated Master Instructor in all standard circuit re-breathers as well as advanced deep-water Draegers. He has a fascination with restoring old Earth automobiles as well.

Raffaele's most prized possession was his hover-cycle. The overall design is one made famous as the Ferrari Galassia 5 (which was designed and built by his father, Antonio), but his version is highly customized and includes hand-built and extremely powerful antigravity units, propulsors, turbines, and a biometric security system. He has hinted in the past that it would be relatively easy to mount weaponry on frame as well if necessary and has allowed the cycle to be scanned by Starfleet Research and Development for consideration. The hover-cycle was destroyed during the attack on Outpost 112 in 2386.

Father - Antonio Ferrari
Mother - Tecla Ferrari (deceased)
Siblings - Davide Ferrari, Nadia Ferrari-Harris, Ilaria Ferrari, Veronica Ferrari, Giovenito Ferrari