Lt Commander Thor

Lt. Commander Thor is the Chief of Security at Outpost 112. He oversees all security operations on Forever World, and reports directly to the Chief Tactical Officer, Lt.Commander Ashley Rogers.

Name: Thor
Department: Security

Place of Birth: Unknown
Home Planet: Earth

Race: Klingon
Age: Unknown
Hair: Black, Long and worn pulled back into a tail.
Eyes: Black
Skin: Brown
Height: 7'8"
Weight: 420 lbs

Physical Description: Sports a goatee. Thor is rather large even by Klingon standards

Rank : Lieutenant Commander
Position : Security Specialist

Major Area of Study: Tactical
Minor Area of Study: Security


His Starfleet record only really begins with his assignment to the USS Liberty. Assigned to Security and having worked there for several years. Before this Starfleet Records show him as being in training status to various locations within the fleet, appearing as ghost on the net grid.

The following are some things known to the crew but are considered highly classified by Starfleet. Thor was assigned to Section 31. Thor is genetically enhance beyond normal Klingon standards, giving him the strength of 10 Klingons along with a natural ability to heal. It is known that he has been immune to all viruses exposed to. It is also known that he is a total mind blank. No telepath can read his thoughts or feel his presence without physically seeing him or touching him. His genetic makeup is natural and not altered, making him unique and a question to evolution. Even his medical records are classified to all but the top brass on a need to know basis.

Thor returned with Captain Carlos Rivera and Commander Johnny Storm. Much of these events are off the record. But apparently it all was an attempt to cover something that Captain Rivera knew or had. He was dragged into the mix of things when escorting Captain Rivera to Starfleet Command.

Thor became the chief of security on Starbase 24 and later Starbase Trinity Core, both bases of operations for Project Infinite.

In 2386, he was assigned to Outpost 112 as Chief of Security.

Notes of Interest

Hobbies: Thor has a love for history. He is a researcher of ancient civilizations.

Personal Traits: Thor is very disciplined. He rarely lets his guard down. Loyal to those he serves with.

Family: Unknown