Major Erich Conrad Hirsch

Lieutenant Colonel Erich Conrad Hirsch is the commanding officer of the 17th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion based at Starbase Aeon. He also serves as the executive officer of Starbase Aeon.

Name: Erich Conrad Hirsch
Department: Starfleet Marine Corps

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Complexion: Light tan
Age: 32
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 209 lbs
Hair Length/Color: Close shorn/sandy brown with flecks of gray
Eye Color: Dark brown

Home Planet: Earth (Bürchen, Switzerland, European Continent)

Major Area: Combat Engineering
Minor Area: Infantry


Pre-Academy Years
Erich completed primary and secondary education in Geneva at an exemplary level. As a teenager, he competed in the regional skiing competitions and also was a member of his school's marksmanship team. His father, Gerhard, was a renowned architect, but died of injuries sustained in an avalanche while skiing when Erich was twenty years old. His mother, Lise, is a professional investor and funds business start-ups across the European continent of Earth. Lise still lives in Erich's childhood home in Bürchen.

Academy Information
Erich entered Starfleet Academy in a marine billet and remained in the top 5% of his class academically. He excelled in his engineering coursework, receiving high marks in camouflage, field fortification, and battlefield preparation, as well as economics coursework and general engineering foundational courses. Erich did not participate in athletics while at the Academy, but continued to score excellent marks in his physical fitness tests.

Cadet Deployment
Erich's cadet deployments were spent with the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Unit and were uneventful. His direct commanding officer praised his desire to get his hands dirty and put his education to good use. The 3rd MEU conducted earthquake and flooding relief operations on Varus Prime during Erich's first deployment.

Service Record
3rd Marine Expeditionary Unit, Sapper Platoon Leader, 2nd Lieutenant
Advanced Combat Engineering School, 1st Lieutenant
1st Battalion, 2nd Engineering Brigade, 9th Division, Combat Engineering Battalion Operations Officer, Captain
Advanced Geomatics and Surveying School, Captain (Promotable)
Adjutant to Colonel Jack Strevin, Advanced Geomatics and Surveying School S-3, Captain (Promotable)
Outpost 112, Executive Officer, Major (Starfleet Council Military Operations Liaison)
17th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, Battalion CO, Lieutenant Colonel
Starbase Aeon, Executive Officer, Lieutenant Colonel


Service Record Note
As a 2nd Lieutenant, Erich's unit was tasked to provide humanitarian aide on Cardassia Prime to help alleviate out of control flooding. The flooding resulted after the destruction of natural dikes and artificial dams by the orbital bombardment of Cardassia Prime during the last moments of the Dominion War. During his two month stay on Cardassia Prime, Erich's unit worked side-by-side with elements of the Cardassian Home Guard and their military corps of engineers. Erich led a platoon of explosive ordnance disposal experts, conducted waterborne operations, and defused the remaining undetonated ordnance from the war before the Cardassian relief teams entered the area.

During Erich's period of study at the Advanced Combat Engineering School, he met Ilsa Boehr. Ilsa is the only daughter of Heinrich and Marielle Boehr. The two briefly courted and were married after knowing each other for only six months. Erich was assigned to starship duty on the USS Reed, Erich was attached to 1st Battalion, 2nd Engineering Brigade, 9th Division which was actively engaged in front line action for the duration of the Rukakon War.

During the last weeks of the war, the commanding officer of the battalion, Major Lee Tripoli, was killed in action and Erich was temporarily promoted to Battalion CO. As the Battalion CO, Erich was also the acting executive officer for their carrier ship, the USS Reed. When the commanding officer of the Reed was killed, Erich assumed the captaincy of the USS Reed for the duration of the conflict and for the short action against the Purity.

During his short duration in command, the USS Reed suffered a collision with another starship due to the Void Expanse and the ship was knocked out of action. The collision was ruled unavoidable by an independent advisory board.

During the course of the war, Ilsa became depressed, especially during and after the evacuation of Earth. She asked Erich to resign his commission repeatedly. Shortly after the war, the two filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. Erich was reassigned to the Advanced Geomatics and Surveying School on Mars for the duration of the divorce proceedings. Upon completion of the three month advanced program, Erich was assigned as an adjutant to Colonel Jack Strevin at the school until his assignment to the Gateway Sector.

After the Rukakon War, the SFMC was drawn down and there were no combat engineering slots available for a promotable Captain or Major. Erich accepted an assignment as a marine corps liaison and Starfleet Command's special representative and military operations liaison to the frontier Gateway Sector. He was shortly installed as Executive Officer of Gateway Sector's Outpost 112 only months after his arrival.

During his assignment at Outpost 112, Erich met and married Sanya Warren, the Federation Department of State attache assigned there.

When Outpost 112 was attacked and subsequently captured by the Cardassians during their occupation of Forever World and Gateway City, Erich was involved in the evacuation efforts. Upon arrival at Starbase Aeon, Erich's difficulties dealing with one of the Starfleet flag-staff in theater led Erich to petition for and receive transfer to the 17th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion of the Starfleet Marine Corps and he was placed in command of the vaunted counter-force unit. He was then asked personally by the new commanding officer of the starbase to additionally take on the role of Executive Officer of the starbase, to which he acceded.

Recently, Erich was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.

Notes of Interest

Personal Traits
Erich is dedicated to his work and often forgoes sleep and rest in order to accomplish his tasks. His previous superior officers attribute Erich's success in each of his previous assignments to his ability to burn the candle at both ends without losing his attention to detail. He is an avid student and is capable of quickly digesting, understanding and then explaining technically challenging scientific and engineering material. He has demonstrated initiative in combat, and the flexibility required for command positions.

Erich's technical knowledge and interests have limited his ability to establish interpersonal relationships and interact in large group or social settings. Erich is a forceful commander in the field and has an astute eye for detail. He is able to act rationally and calmly in the face of immense personal danger.

Erich's limited growth potential is partially attributable to his poor people skills and it is unlikely that he will merit advancement past the staff grade officer ranks unless he improves upon these skills. Erich attributes the failure of his first marriage to his inability to communicate effectively with his wife and express himself. He often will say something profound and well-formulated, but his matter-of-fact manner of speech can be ingratiating to those more emotionally driven.

Erich also struggles with an almost compulsive need for precision. Psychological testing attributes this to the mild post traumatic stress of having been involved in direct combat with the Rukakon. It has been judged not to be an impediment to Erich's service or ability to lead as an officer, but may lead to occasional outbursts, mild depression, or overcompensation in other areas of his private and professional life.

Erich grew up in the Bavarian Alps on Earth. As a result, he is an accomplished skier and mountain climber. Erich also enjoys fermenting and bottling his own beer.

Father - (deceased) Gerhard Hirsch
Mother - Lise Hirsch
Wife: Sanya Warren
Ex-Wife - Ilsa Boehr-Hirsch

Other Significant Personal Influences
Childhood Friend - Captain Stein Schetterling, SFMC (deceased)
General Robert Nelson, Commandant, SFMC
Colonel Jacqui Valance, Adjutant to the Commandant, SFMC