Marc Sekler

A native to Forever World, Marc Sekler is a brave revolutionary who would proudly give up his life for the sake of his planet. Feeling oppressed by both the Sindareen and Cardassians, he took it upon himself to lead those who opposed their occupation of the Gateway Sector. Sekler is responsible for multiple attacks on both the Sindareen and the Cardassians, using both military and terrorist tactics.

Persecuted by enraged foreign nations, Sekler is hunted by both the Sindareen and Cardassian governments. But despite the obvious danger, Sekler continues to light the fire of revolution to burn down the forced occupation of the Gateway Sector.

He is a brave leader to the native Gateway colonies, and is most famous for the Battle of Kelari, where he took a few undermanned starships and pushed back Sindareen Raiders.

Marc is an intelligent and passionate man; however, he allows his beliefs to often cloud his judgment. He is willing to fight fire with fire, using brutal warfare tactics if he deems it necessary. A relatively sad man, due to the tragic deaths of his wife and daughter, Marc struggles with alcoholism. However, he does not allow any of his vices to interfere with goals for Gateway Sector Independence.

Notes of Interest

Sekler is best friends with Evan James McNamara , and uses the nightclub Heaven, as a place of quarter. No foreign government has any jurisdiction in Heaven. And although McNamara does not approve of Sekler’s often destructive behavior, or always agree on his political stances, McNamara cares dearly for Sekler, and does whatever he can to help and protect him.


Wife: Karen Sekler (Deceased)
Daughter: Holly Sekler (Deceased)