Marston Raimes

Name: Marston Raimes
Department:Civilian (Former Starfleet Medical)
Race: Human
Place of Birth: London, England UK
Home Planet: Earth

Age: 42
Build: Sturdy
Hair length: balding
Hair-color: dark
Eye color: Deep Green
Complexion: Beige
Physical Description: Tall, Bald. Has an unwavering gaze.
Major Area of Study: Surgery/Medicine.


Was kicked out of Starfleet for (along with Len Nala) smuggling medicine to ‘freedom fighters’ on Forever World. It was because of a fondness for Nala, he agreed to help supply them with medical supplies in the first place-though he himself thought it was the right thing to do-after he had become aware of the situation. He took the full blame for the crime-refusing to name any conspirators.

He went to lend his medical services to the freedom fighters on Forever world-still thinking theirs was a worthwile cause. Is secretly glad Nala followed him. He looks out for her.

(He thinks Len Nala looks at him as more of a mentor/father figure-even though he may secretly wish for something more between them)

Family: Both parents deceased. Has a brother he’s had no contact with for years.

Hobbies: Tennis (skilled)

Personal Traits: in a word, moody. Knows his way around a sickbay/field hospital even though he’s a borderline alcoholic (and being a doctor he knows exactly what its doing to his liver.) Seems unapproachable at first until you get to know him/wears his heart on his sleeve more than one would think. Worries a lot about his and Nala’s future on Forever World-morns the death of his career yet only holds him self responsible. Also, he feels slight guilt that Len Nala followed him out of Starfleet, even though part of him is thankful to still have her in his life.