Morwen Haldane

Petty Officer First Class Morwen Haldane

Age: 12 (equivalent to human mid-20s)

Sex: Female

Race: Kainan

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 195 lbs.

Languages Spoken: Kainan, Standard, Klingon

Fleet Rating: Security Mate

Specialties: Chemical and explosives detection, tracking and surveillance, search and rescue, hostage rescue

Physical Characteristics: Lean and strong, attractive by Kainan standards, with dark-tipped gold fur, a dark mask from muzzle to forehead, and a long elegant tail - however to human eyes, looks very much like a werewolf/German Shepard Dog hybrid. Has the high strength, stamina and endurance of all her race, but her sense of smell is exceptional even for a Kainan. She can follow a scent trail long after others would have lost it and can easily distinguish not only the presence of trace amounts of explosive, but often their specific chemical make-up as well.

Personality Profile: Keen, intuitive, and capable of intense focus. She has a tendency toward protectiveness and can go 'mama wolf' on those who threaten members of her pack or a person in her care, especially a child. Lively and animated off-duty, but sometimes has difficulty expressing herself to non-Kainans.

Special Note: One of a hunting pair of Kainans, sworn companions who will die before they will betray or abandon each other. The two are cousins who have shared a bond since early childhood and are so close that they sometimes appear to have a sort of private telepathy. While nothing can match their devotion to each other, the fierce loyalty characteristic of their race extends to the fellow SEALs they regard as pack.

Combat Arts Mastered: Dalraw (Kainan grappling), Mok'bara, Vargstig, Shorinji Kempo, Aquatic Aikido.

(writer: bookdragon)