Pok is a former colleague of Evan James McNamara, both men having served Project Infinite. Later, McNamara built a nightclub at Forever World in the Gateway Sector. Pok provided some of the capital to finance the club, and serves as a silent partner to McNamara.

Name: Pok

Race: Ferengi
Place of Birth: Ferenginar
Home Planet: Ferenginar


Age: 48
Height: 5’4
Weight: 210
Hair length: Bald
Hair color: N/A
Eye color: Brown
Complexion: Brown
Physical Description: Short and compact. He is quite chubby. Typical Ferengi features, big ears, dome like heads, and sharp teeth.

Rank: N/A
Major Area of Study: Engineering
Minor Area of Study: N/A


Pok was once a well renowned Engineer and considered a genius in the field. He has since given it up, but his talents in engineering are almost uncanny. At the age of 7, he was able to take apart and reconstruct most mechanical devices. He has a gift for almost all engineering type matters. He honed his skills and developed into one of the best engineers in the galaxy.

Pok is an avid follower of "The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition." He used his talents as an Engineer to make profit. Pok traveled all over the galaxy and offered his talents to those who are willing to pay for his services. If he was offered a job by two different clients, he always worked for the highest bidder. Pok has worked for the Federation on several occasions but only for a large price. He has worked with Starfleet before as well as a civilian on staff.

Pok’s driving force in life is of course, profit. Nothing else matters to him.


Considered super rich and super successful, Pok was tasked by the Grand Negus, Glav, to be his Grand Facilitator. Grand Facilitator Pok was given the job of purchasing Starbase Trinity Core from the Federation, which he did successfully. However, it was revealed that Pok had double-crossed Glav, handing the base over to Starfleet's Independent Fleet, thus labelled as a traitor by the Ferengi Government.

Pok gathered his riches and went into hiding. He remains in hiding, working as needed, and collecting on investments - Heaven Nightclub being one of them.

Hobbies and Traits

Hobbies: Gambling (such as Dabo and Poker), Drinking, and fornication.

Personal Traits: Greedy, Treacherous, Arrogant, Cocky, and Rude.

Pok only cares about money and himself. He has no close ties, and that includes his family. His motto is “Money before any other”. Although, this is partly a facade, for at times, Pok has displayed compassion. But he usually ruins the moment with his own greed or lust.


Pok is divorced. He has 3 brothers, and 2 sons. He never sees them and doesn’t care to. He has been shunned by Ferengi Society.

Pok goes by the famous moniker - The Great Pok, referring to himself in the 3rd Person.