Praetor Nevala

Nevala is the current Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire; a post she has held since 2383.

Race : Romulan
Place of Birth : Romulus
Home Planet : Romulus

Age : 192
Height : 5’10"
Weight : 146 lbs.


The youngest of a senator's three children, Nevala had little reasonable expectation in life of ever inheriting her father's Senate seat and noble titles, and instead devoted all of her focus for most of her life towards her military career; which culminated in an appointment as an Admiral of the Empire at the age of 180. Only a few years later in 2379, however, her elder sister, who had inherited their father's power and titles, was killed in Shinzon's attack on the Senate; along with her brother, in the subsequent fighting; and when the dust settled afterwards and the Empire began to attempt to get itself back on its feet, Nevala found herself with the leadership of a noble house and a seat in the Senate. She 'laid low' for several years as several more Praetors rose and fell in quick succession during that time; before finally maneuvering her way to power in 2383.

Since that time, she has focused most of her efforts on domestic matters and the rebuilding of strength lost during the war with the Dominion and the internal fighting following Shinzon's aborted coup; although she has made certain to keep other lines of communication at least minimally open; opening and maintaining diplomatic relations with the Federation and the Cardassians, as well as several smaller galactic governments. She is widely considered in certain circles to have played a large part in helping to return stability to the Empire after the chaos that reigned supreme for several years.

Nevala's attitude towards other galactic powers tends to be one of great pragmatism; she has no love lost for the Federation, for example, but also no hatred; in the end, she is first and foremost a patriot who will do what it takes to ensure the safety and security of the Empire; whether through means of alliances and trade or those of war and conquest. Extremely adept at projecting whatever image she sees fit, Nevala tends to come off as an enigma to those whom she has not deigned to trust. Those in her inner circle, however, know her to be by turns both warm and calculating; loving and ruthless—in short, a typical Romulan.

Notes of Interest

Nevala has been married for 128 years to V'Lan, a fellow officer who retired upon his wife's unexpected inheritance and now manages their estates. The two have five children; their eldest, son Sejal, and their daughter Vailani each command warbirds; daughter Lael serves in the diplomatic corps; son Ejael is a scientist; and youngest son Terik serves as an engineering officer aboard a warbird. The two also have six grandchildren; grandsons Nijil, age 53, and Jarok, age 45; and granddaughters Na'lana, age 38, Lyiaan, age 21, Keren, age 17, and Elythka, age 4. In contrast to her reputation as a shrewd and ruthless politician, Nevala is an extremely doting grandmother who makes certain to carve time out of her busy schedule each week for each of her grandchildren.