Proconsul T'Lyra

T'Lyra is Proconsul of the Romulan Star Empire; a post she has held since 2381.

Race : Romulan
Place of Birth : Romulus
Home Planet : Romulus

Age : 123
Height : 5’7"
Weight : 145 lbs.


The right hand of Praetor Nevala and in a way both servant of and leader of the Romulan Senate, T'Lyra, like Nevala, occupies one of the few senior Romulan political and governing posts that it is possible to reach through merit alone rather than birth; embodiment of the conundrum of a society where the Senate itself is made up of those who rose to their positions through house and family, but where those posts set in authority over them may be theoretically held by any with the talent to climb to such heights. The daughter of a merchant captain who occasionally flirted with the wrong side of the law in order to earn sufficient money for his family, T'Lyra traveled with her father from a young age and took her first lessons in handling both ships and people at his side, never forgetting even more than a hundred years later that even society's great and power have need of the services of such men and women — for this reason, she covertly maintains knowledge of various dubious elements within the Empire, although is actively connected with none of them.

She served as an officer in the Romulan Fleet for more than seventy years, eventually serving as a fleet commander before parlaying her experience and skills into a political career. Shrewd and quick on her feet, it is worth noting that she outlasted Nevala's predecessor, Praetor Seral; although she is not a suspect in his death.

Notes of Interest

T'Lyra has been married for 77 years to N'Viran, a fleet commander currently serving as an instructor at the Imperial War College; however the two had children extremely late in life and have only one child, their son T'Vak, age 7. T'Lyra is a a loving mother who, barring the most extenuating of circumstances, makes certain to dine with her family each evening, and tends to spend most days when the Senate is not in session with her son.