Professor Nishichiro Bakuto

A former Federation scientist, Nishichiro Bakuto is one of the current leading minds in cross-dimensional theory, including wormholes and parallel universes. His expertise made him vital to Project Infinite's success in 2383.

He has something of a reputation for "unorthodox methods", which saw him removed from his post as one of the Federation's key scientific advisers over a decade ago. Despite that set-back, he has since continued his studies unhindered, and retains his place among his peers.

Since the close of Project Infinite, the Professor has taken a position within The Orthanc Complex, though naturally he maintains a great deal of independence.

Given that his research often takes him into uncharted - and often dangerous - territory, he is rarely ever unarmed. Even then, he is highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat, something his outward appearance does not make apparent to potential opponents. Of this - as in all things - the Professor is more than happy to take advantage.