Ranek is a much younger second cousin of Ambassador S'Ten Gaius who serves as the Ambassador's personal aide.

Race : Romulan
Place of Birth : Romulus
Home Planet : Romulus

Age : 46
Height : 6'
Weight : 168 lbs.


Ranek is a second cousin of Ambassador S'Ten Gaius; the middle of the Ambassador's cousin Katera's three children. After a single, abbreviated term in the Fleet, he became apprenticed to Ambassador Gaius as his personal aide based on an agreement between the Ambassador and his mother; a post he has now served in for slightly more than ten years. As the personal aide to a senior member of a noble family, Ranek is not, technically, a member of the Romulan diplomatic corps; although he accompanies the Ambassador to all his assignments and regularly assists him, he answers only to the Ambassador; a fact which occasionally annoys the Ambassador's deputy, Sarith, who would prefer to be able to assign work to Ranek within the normal chain of command.

Notes of Interest

Ranek's mother, Katera, is the only child of the younger brother, Soval, of S'Ten Gaius' father, Tarkath. As the child of a younger sibling, Katera, who herself serves as Tarkath's Chief of Staff in the Senate, has no direct hereditary titles (other than the honorifics granted to any member of a noble house) or posts to pass on to her own children; her arrangement of Ranek's post with S'Ten represents a common practice among the Romulan nobility—Katera and her husband, D'Nal, also arranged for their elder child, N'Leik, to secure a post in service to S'Ten's older sister and Tarkath's heir, Nara, who currently assists her father in the Senate; and will likely also someday secure a such political post for their youngest, 8 year old Eilaya, unless she chooses to pursue a lifelong military career.

Ranek is by turns quiet and observational and brash and impetuous; typical behavior for a Romulan young adult. His loyalty to S'Ten Gaius, who is schooling the young man in the arts of politics, diplomacy, and espionage, is nearly absolute. Ranek is single; he has had several relationships over the years but given his relatively young age, none have tended to be very serious.

Of interest is that Ranek and his older brother N'Leik are much closer in age than is typical within a Romulan family; separated by only 7 years. For this reason the two brothers are extremely close to one another.