Rear Admiral Gillian Darmouth

Rear Admiral Gill Darmouth is the Head of Starfleet Intelligence's Strategic Operations Division, one of the three official Departments within Starfleet Intelligence and one of Admiral David Luc's lieutenants and inner circle. Darmouth is one of the more prominent faces within Starfleet Command, as he is frequently away from Starfleet HQ monitoring both Military as well as some Intelligence Operations from the field. He is one of the few Starfleet Intelligence Command Officers who began his career not in the Intelligence Community.

Department: Starfleet Intelligence Command
Rank: Rear Admiral
Major Area of Study: Hologram Technology, Bio-Systems Engineering (Computer Engineering and Bio Chemistry hybrid)
Minor Area of Study: Tactical Operations, Chemical Engineering


Race: Human (enhanced)
Place of Birth: Tangier, Morocco, Earth, Sol System
Home Planet: Earth
Age: 42
Birthdate: October 23, 2343
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 206 lbs (official)
Hair length: Short
Hair-color: Black
Eye color: Light Brown with red flecks
Complexion: Africanoid, mid hue brown

Physical Description: Clean shaven and usually a model of cleanliness, Darmouth prefers to be presentable in every occassion, except when his work requires he gets his hands dirty. Prefers wearing dark colors when off-duty. Speaks with a low, but commanding tone of voice that seems to inflect emotional control. Has the contact nodes for a VISOR that is noticeable on his right temple only upon very close inspection just inside his hairline. Has a wire-thin scar that runs the length of his right forearm from wrist to elbow.

His eyes normally appear to be brown, but depending on the situation, actually flicker then solidify into a reddish hue. On rare occasions, some people actually claim that his eyes glow crimson.


Born the elder of two children to Architect Trevor Darmouth and his Xeno-botanist wife, Dina, Gillian, while they were on assignment in Morocco. Named for his maternal great-grandfather, Gill was surrounded by science and technology from almost the moment of his birth and during his youth in Germany. Gill was very inquisitive as a boy. He enjoyed learning how things ticked throughout his childhood, and he was never satisfied with merely being told how it worked. He loved taking new toys apart just to see how they worked, then would put them back together again in new ways trying to make improvements on every design. Originally, he planned on going into the lucrative family business of home construction and design, such as the resorts on Riza, but as he grew older and began helping his father, and grandfather with more and more of their projects, Gillian soon realized he did NOT want to be under his parent's wings forever. His wanderlust and independence were becoming more established and he decided he wanted to see the stars and make a name for himself under his own terms.

Gillian actually joined Starfleet on a lark. He was in his last semester at the University of Berlin and realized he was too young to do too much with his degree when he graduated, he had just celebrated his seventeenth birthday at the time, when his Student Advisor, along with one of the school's Starfleet recruiters, suggested that he might want to try going thru Starfleet for a few years, and since Gill easily met the requirements for the Officer Corps, maybe he should try the Academy.At first, the elder Darmouths were against the idea, but after weeks of "discussion", and some strong convincing by Dina's Second Cousin, Gill's Godfather Ulysses, they eventually gave in and went with Gill's life decision. When Gill got to the Academy, he first applied to the Pre-Med program with the intent to work on the prestigious cybernetic and bionics research and applications division, but after two semesters and numerous labs, Gillian realized that medicine probably was not his calling. He then went into computer engineering, his first home, and had not looked back since. His Academy career was note-worthy scholastically, as he graduated ranked 9th in the class of 2367, just months after the ill-fated battle of Wolf 359 The only oddity in his Academy days is that for some reason, he took two vastly different cadet cruises, although he excelled at both.

Darmouth has held a meteoric career after graduation with a career spanning close two decades within Starfleet. He has held positions in almost every line division within the fleet, including two Stints with the elite SEALs units, once during the Dominion Wars. He has maintained some close friends and has some strong allies within the ranking halls of Starfleet Command and within the fleet, but he has also made some dangerously powerful enemies as well. Darmouth himself prefers it this way, as it means that he has to keep himself three steps ahead of his opponents, no matter which battlefield. Darmouth has held Starbase and Starship Command positions, and understands the stress that out of the way locations are under. He is one of the stauncher voices for a modernizing of the fleet and ramping up of recruitment in light of all of the political and military crisises of the last two decades since the introduction of the Borg. His extensive work involving the Cardassian Union makes him inherently wary of any alliance that is backed by or has their support. He is also one of the few voices in Luc's ear warning for increased vigilance on the Klingon border.

Service Record:
*Cadet Years 1-2: Starfleet Academy (European Campus)
*Cadet Year 3: Starfleet Academy (San Francisco Campus)
*Cadet Year 4 (Cadet Cruise): Jupiter Station, Research Division
*Cadet Year 4 (Cadet Cruise 2): SEAL Team 1, Earth Sector, Combat Engineering Section
*SEAL Team 5, Combat Engineering Section
*Starbase 111, Shuttle Operations (Engineering),Auxillary Support Craft Pilot
*Akira Class USS Republic-C: Systems Engineer
*Akira Class USS Republic-C: Assistant Chief Engineer
*Akira Class USS Republic-C: Chief Engineer
*SFI Command: Cardassian Sector (CLASSIFIED)
*Jupiter Station: Project Team Leader (Holo-Matrix Programming CMH Applications Evaluation Assessment Team)
*Nebula Class USS Coronado: Chief Tactical Officer, Assistant Chief of Security
*Prometheus Class USS Tiger Eye-B: Chief of Security
*Nebula Class USS Coronado: Chief of Operations
*SFI Command: Klingon Sector (CLASSIFIED)
*Nebula Class USS Coronado: Chief of Security
*SEAL Team 2 Company Commander, Combat Engineering Section
*Charleston Class USS Charleston: Chief of Security, Second Officer
*Charleston Class USS Charleston: Executive Officer
*Charleston Class USS Charleston: Commanding Officer
*SFI Command: Cardassian Sector (CLASSIFIED)
*Insignia Class USS Pioneer: Intelligence Officer
PROMOTED TO COMMODORE (Rear Admiral, Lower-half)
*Starbase 114: Commanding Officer, Sector 11 Strategic Operations Director
*Galaxy Class USS Bunker Hill, Commanding Officer
*SFI Command: Alpha Quadrant Theatre (CLASSIFIED)
PROMOTED TO REAR ADMIRAL (Rear Admiral, Upper-Half)
*Sovereign Class USS Leviathan, Commanding, Intelligence Fleet Operations Director
*SFI Command: Strategic Operations Director, Sol

Notes of Interest

Hobbies and Interest: Has a creative streak for design architecture and Hologram program scripting. Keeps fit by practicing Bokka-wu-shu staff fighting, Klingon Mok b'ara combat exercises, and doing cross-country distance running. Has also been known to exhibit some master level combat training in Krav Maga. Other hobbies include collecting momentos from planets he has been to, and even getting medallions that he attaches to his collection of walking sticks. He also has shown a knack for collecting archaic history and engineering books of all types, and has been found to build both holographic and scale representations of vessels and people he has served with. Gill also has an odd habit of collecting old computer games from Earth's, and recently Ktarian's past.

Medical Notes: Darmouth appears to have an Eiditic memory, and suffers from both chronic insomnia as well as concessional bouts of migraines. This seems to occur more frequently after prolonged contact with psionically sensitive individuals with a few noted exceptions.

Traits: Is very detail oriented and tries to examine problems from multiple angles. Like to plan for contingencies within contingencies. He expects orders to be followed when given, although he is appreciative of personal initiative when it accomplishes a goal. He prefers to conserve resources, so prefers to think thru solutions versus react with gut instinct. Does not care for in-decisiveness. When he gets too aggravated, Gill is known to usually lock up his emotions behind a Vulcan-like exterior. Off-duty and around friends, he has been known to let his "hair down" and crack a few wry jokes and be a bit more pleasant company.

Languages Spoken: Terran Basic, Romulan, Klingon, German, Farsi, Bynar, Dominionese, Cardassian, Betazed

-University of Berlin, Earth. Dual-Bachelors Degree in Chemical
Engineering and Hologram Theoretics, Masters Degree in Hologram
-Starfleet Academy, Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering
-Starfleet Academy, Master's Degree in Computer Engineering

Father: Trevor Darmouth
Mother: Dina Darmouth
Brother(s): Donald Pierce Alleric PhD (In-Law)
Sister(s): Evalyn (Darmouth) Alleric MD

Note: Gill Darmouth has had a long and complicated relationship with Betazoid Ambassador Envoy Maxine Jacques-Tori , which dates back at least a decade. There is also hints that the two are Imzadi, although neither publicly speak much on the issue.

Is rumored to be a ranking member of Section 9. SFI and SCE's Skunkworks Joint R&D Division.