Renee Hernandez

Name: Renee Hernandez
Department: Civilian (former Section 31 Agent, a status officially known to Lt Cmdr Ashley Rogers and unofficially to Captain Daniel Carlin and Lt Cmdr John Wallace)

Race: Human
Place of Birth: Unknown
Home Planet: Unknown

Age: 32
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair length: Long
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Olive skinned
Physical Description: Deceptively strong and agile for her size


Renee has been assigned by Admiral Herrington Lynch to be Lt Cmdr Ashley Rogers' liasion to Section 31, an arrangement that is known to a very select few. Renee isn't completely enthused to be back in the operational side of Section 31 activities, but she has developed feelings for Ash Rogers and will do her best to protect her.

Renee joined Section 31 because of her father. She quickly realized that she did not have the stomach for all that the job entailed. After leading her operative, John Wallace into a trap, resulting in the deaths of his men and nearly killing him, Renee realized that she wanted nothing to do with being a handler. She still feels immense guilt over what happened and it something that she will never forgive herself for.

The Section manipulated Renee's feeling of guilt and used her to draw Ashley Rogers back into Section 31. After nearly dying in an assassination attempt and the efforts of Rogers, Renee is no longer associated with Section 31.

Notes of Interest:

Hobbies: Unknown, but Renee seemed to be quite versed in many forms of martial arts and seems to show an intellectual prowess and propensity towards strategic planning that few can match.

Personal Traits: Renee has been known to have a sadistic streak, especially when dealing with Ash Rogers, and took almost a personal joy in tormenting the Commander initially. The two have since developed a close relationship. At times kind and caring while simultaneously cold and diabolical, Renee is an enigma that few can decipher.

Miguel Hernandez - Father