Resistance Task Force

The Resistance Task Force is a unit of Starfleet Officers assigned to put down the Federation Colonists Resistance in the Gateway Sector.

After The Nervala II Incident, a small yet well equipped group of Gateway Sector Colonists formed a Resistance, lead by Marc Sekler, to push back the Sindareen and Cardassians residing in the sector. The Resistance is known to have a "with any means necessary" mentality in their combat tactics, including terrorist and guerrilla type warfare.

The Federation deems the Resistance an internal issue and is determined to put down the Resistance before they plunge the Federation into yet another war, a war they cannot win.

Task Force Starships

USS Southern Cross
USS Al-Batani
USS Cooperstown

Task Force Members

Captain Silas Hunter
Captain Jenna Orataft
Commander Fevas Jolel
Commander T. Laraka
Lt. Commander Raffaele Ferrari