Reverend Sophia Nikedoros

Name: Sophia Nikedoros
Department: Chaplain/Counseling
Rank: Lt. Cmdr.
Title: Rev.

Race: human (by legal standard, her ancestry includes 1/16 Pollux Entity)
Place of Birth: Toronto, Canada
Home Planet: Earth

Age: 36
Height: 1.71m (5'7")
Weight: 58kg (128 lbs)
Hair length: medium long
Hair-color: dark blonde
Eye color: grey
Complexion: Caucasian
Physical Description: Slim with a mass of dark gold curls that sometimes give the impression of a slightly tarnished halo, not classically beautiful (unless you mean by ancient Classical standards), but with striking features. Although her manner is usually unassuming, she has a definite presence.

Major Area of Study: Religious Studies/Counseling
Minor Area of Study: Anthropology & Archaeology


Born in Toronto, Sophia has almost no memory of her mother, who died in transporter accident when she was 4. Her father was a gifted composer and concert piantist, which lead to great deal of travel once she was old enough to go with him on tours. When she was 12 her father finally remarried, resulting in twin half-siblings: Phillip and Phoebe.

The unique aspect of her history is that she is the gr-gr-granddaughter of Caroline Palamas and what the Federation officially classifies as the 'Pollux Entity' - a being who was once worshipped on ancient earth as Apollo, god of light, music, healing and prophecy. Although Sophia shows only minor traces of that heritage (a fact certified by the Federation Research Council which has carefully tracked and tested all of the descendents of that incident), developing an early interest in mythology and religion was natural. However, unlike the majority of her distant cousins, Sofia never became cynical about the concept of dieties. If anything, as she grew older she grew more spiritual and more certain that there was a Divine. The search to understand lead to Union Seminary where she was ordained as an interfaith minister.

Sophia quickly learned that preaching was not her thing and moved on to a hospital chaplaincy until she came across an article about a need for more chaplains in Starfleet and felt a calling (or perhaps one of those fluke instances of precognition that comes with her Pollux genes) to answer that need.

She has served on DS-4 and later Starbase 371, where her experience as a hospital chaplain proved valuable in caring for refugees and casualties during the Rukakon war. Unused to settling in one place for long, she recently listened to that strange sense of calling and requested a new posting to 'wherever most needed'.

Notes of Interest

Hobbies: Reading, archaeology, music (she has a lovely voice and is an accomplished violinist), meditation

Personal Traits: Warm, centered, with the open attitude of a seeker. However, she is not afraid to stand up to anyone and can be very protective of those who seem to be down and out. Endlessly curious about the diversity of paths different people take to the Divine, but given her family history, takes the claims about various deities with a grain of salt. She often gives the impression of beig quietly amused by life in general.

Family: father: Ariston Nikedoros, step-mother: Elena, half-sister: Phoebe, half-brother: Phillip

While just human in most ways, Sophia will age more slowly than most humans and has a psi rating in the upper range of human normal. This includes occasional flashes of precognition or just a 'sixth sense' about something.

(writer: bookdragon)